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49ers vs. Rams 4th quarter thread: Buckle up, Brock

We have ourselves a close one.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Both teams punted on their initial drive of the second half. Wilks came out aggressive. He blitzed three times on Los Angeles’s first drive. Then, brought a corner blitz on the next. Unfortunately, Charvarius Ward missed Stafford in the backfield, and he made them pay.

After it looked like as though the Rams would score, Isaiah Oliver was the beneficiary of a tipped pass. This was after making a crucial third down stop on the drive before.

Purdy had another opportunity to hit a receiver deep, but he overthrew him. That’ll be something to keep an eye on, Brock’s misses. You’ll never fault a quarterback for pushing the ball down the field, but these receivers are open.

So, it was a six-play scoring drive that was just over 40 yards, and rookie kicker Jake Moody made his kick from 57 yards. There was some slight confusion, as the Rams PA announcer said the kick was wide left, despite the refs signaling the kick was good. The Niners took the lead 20-17.

It was evident their intention was to target Deommodore Lenoir, but Stafford failed to connect twice, then Fred Warner sacked Stafford.

The Rams second-half drives:




Wilks’ answer has been to blitz. He’s sending pressure early and often. Oliver has blitzed quite a bit. Charvarius Ward did. Then Warner on that sack after blitzing twice before. Wilks is going down swinging and not playing passively.