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Golden Nuggets: It’s short-week Victory Monday

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, September 18th, 2023

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Kyle Shanahan provides injury updates on Brandon Aiyuk, others after Rams win

“The 49ers will only have one full practice this week on Tuesday, and it’s unlikely to be an intense one. They’ll take Monday off and likely have a walkthrough on Wednesday before Thursday’s Giants matchup, which comes with extended rest before an October 1 game with the Arizona Cardinals.”

Hutchinson: 3 takeaways after 49ers avoid Rams scare in first-half shootout

“After those misses, you wouldn’t be shocked to see a quarterback lean towards conservatism. Purdy doesn’t seem to have that anywhere in his composition.”

Thompson: Brock Purdy gave his skeptics some fuel, but it’s all about how he responds (paywall)

“Purdy is here, in this sacred saddle, in part because Garoppolo didn’t make that throw (and failed at making those big throws consistently). Purdy is here because he can make those throws, or at least Shanahan feels much better about his chances. That Purdy was even willing to attempt a couple of those Sunday was also indicative of the upgrade he’s supposed to be.

Sunday was just the first time we’ve seen Purdy, on multiple occasions, not make the throw.”

Isaiah Oliver announces presence in 49ers’ win over Rams: ‘He was a stud today’ (paywall)

“It’s tough to say, honestly,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about that myself. I feel like it was kind of a combination of things, a little bit of adjusting to the new scheme. But it’s really just the style of play that’s been the biggest adjustment for me. And so I’ve had to find my groove and really learn how to play 49ers football on defense. Because it’s special in that way. It’s really not like any other team in the NFL.”

Maoicco; What we learned as 49ers grind out tough win over Rams

“The 49ers’ dominating Week 1 performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, perhaps, set an unrealistically high bar.”

Branch: 49ers got quite a boost from Brock Purdy’s Jimmy G-like QB sneak (paywall)

“We always tried to figure it out: What does Jimmy do so good with the QB sneak?” Purdy said. “It’s a question around the team. He just found little creases and whatnot, got his shoulder pads down, and would find a way …

“I don’t think there’s necessarily a secret to it or anything. At least as far as I know. But we watched a lot of the QB sneaks and stuff that Jimmy did well and what he did. I learned a couple of things, but he never really told me.”