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Monday Night Football Thread: We’re treated to the Browns, Steelers, Panthers, and Saints

Enjoy tonight!

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

For six months, fans have complained about missing football. And it's nights like tonight where you’d rather do anything but. We’re treated to the Carolina Panthers hosting the New Orleans Saints, and the Cleveland Browns on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, Derek Carr, who has notoriously has his struggles on the road, against a Bryce Young-led offense where the best receiver is Adam Thielen.

Then, we have the Amari Cooper-less Browns facing off against a team that we watched struggle to get a first down last week. Kenny Pickett can’t play any worse, right? We’ll see.

DraftKings Sportsbook has the Saints a 3-point favorite, with the total on that game 39.5. The Browns and Steelers total is 39, as that spread has come down to 2, in favor of the Browns.

We think the home dogs keep these games close as that’s usually the case for a divisional game, especially on primetime.