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Golden Nuggets: Bring on the Giants

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

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Silver: Brock Purdy not perfect (yet), but 49ers finding out he’s the baller they needed (paywall)

“While watching those passes sail, I wondered: Is it possible that the surgery made Purdy’s arm stronger, and he hasn’t yet adjusted to that reality?

“Like he’s Cyborg from ‘Teen Titans’?” Kittle asked, laughing at his own comic-book reference.

I then ran my theory by Purdy, who shut it down immediately, explaining that he just missed too many balls. Oh, well, it was worth a try.”

Kyle Shanahan admits mistake with RB rotation, discusses how to keep McCaffrey fresh throughout season

“Yeah, we definitely got to get Elijah [Mitchell] in there more and do better with our rotation than we did yesterday,” Shanahan said. “That wasn’t the plan going in. It just ended up that way and I got to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


Are 49ers poised for a 4-0 run? Kyle Shanahan definitely not going there (paywall)

“Asked Monday about guarding against overconfidence given the upcoming slate, Shanahan said his team had a different mindset than do members of the media.

“I mean, we would (have to) if all our guys talked to you,” Shanahan said. “But, hopefully, they’re not. Hopefully, they look at the tape and see how good teams are each and every week. … I don’t think our team feels that way at all.”

49ers practice and media schedule leading to Week 3 matchup vs. Giants

1:30 p.m. - Kyle Shanahan press conference

2:20 p.m. - Brock Purdy press conference

Following Purdy - Steve Wilks press conference

4:55 p.m. - Practice”

Report: Saquon Barkley to miss Giants-49ers game with ankle sprain

“An MRI showed the star running back suffered an “ordinary” ankle sprain (versus a high-ankle sprain) in the Giants’ win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday that’s expected to sideline him for three weeks, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday, citing a source.”

What 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan did to improve as a head coach this offseason

“Then my biggest thing is trying to relax a little bit more in the offseason because I’ve learned how long of a grind the season is and how long it goes and how much you’ve got to get up for each week,” Shanahan said. “I really try to get mentally stronger with books and some self-help type things so when you go into the season, you’re ready to go.”

Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel power the 49ers over the Rams — again (paywall)

“You run with your eyes and your feet follow, so understanding where to put your eyes on every run and what the scheme is trying to accomplish is so important,” McCaffrey said. “So having more wisdom under my belt is very important.”

Tim Ryan assesses whether 49ers should be concerned about Brock Purdy overthrows

“That’s a feel thing on that deep ball,” Ryan said. “So much of it is dropping it in the bucket when a guy is that wide open. There’s a lot of feel to that and something tells me that that internal brace, that synthetic slingshot, just not quite there in terms of the feel and the finesse throws yet and I would expect that to get better.”

49ers minutia minute: Nick Bosa logs a lot of snaps but says it’s only ‘up’ from here (paywall)

“Samuel, who always seems to have big games against the Rams, essentially was the No. 2 runner on Sunday and his 38 rushing yards were his highest since McCaffrey was acquired at midseason last year.”

Kawakami: What the 49ers proved by winning without their ‘A’ game (paywall)

“The first half felt a little bit like Wilks running the old stuff, but not as well as DeMeco Ryans or Robert Saleh used to. The second half, though, felt like Wilks getting a measure of the way he can add to this scheme when the 49ers really need it.”

49ers work out former Broncos, Texans, Saints corner amidst DB pinch

“Roby was released by the Saints in a cap-saving move before the start of the season. He’s played 126 games over the last nine years and has 11 interceptions. He won a Super Bowl his rookie year in 2014 with the Broncos.”