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Golden Nuggets: Game day!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, September 21st, 2023

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Kawakami: The significance of Deebo Samuel’s 49ers captaincy (paywall)

“You could sense that Deebo was basically challenging himself by being so self-critical. After saying it publicly, he had to back it up by putting in the offseason work, showing up to training camp in great shape and blasting into the 2023 season. Which is what happened, and led to Shanahan joking at the start of camp: “Never had a grown man send me so many pictures with his shirt off, but it looks good. I can tell he put the work in.”

The locker room saw it during training camp. Deebo was lighter and energized. He’d kept his word to himself and to his teammates. The vote was the clincher.”

Why 49ers’ defense might take ‘gradual process’ towards elite play under Steve Wilks

“But for the most part, Wilks seems like he’s going to be patient, and might need to correct some fundamental issues on the backend before he gets consistently creative in his coverages.”

Steve Young assesses whether Brock Purdy offers enough for 49ers’ Super Bowl aspirations

“We got to let Brock cook. Because I told you the guardrails last week were tighter than most people. In other words, I’m not going to give you a terrible game, but I’m probably not gonna be the guy that’s going to wing it around and throw it 80 yards and put it behind my back like Patrick Mahomes. I’m gonna give you really solid quarterbacking. And so this is within that guardrail.”

Branch: 49ers eye abundant sack opportunities against banged-up Giants (paywall)

“It’s going to be pretty much the opposite of what we just did with Stafford,” Bosa said. (Jones) “definitely can hold it a little bit and we just have to keep him in the pocket … Be good in our rush lanes. And we could have a good day.”

49ers’ Bosa joyfully reveals favorite lower-body workout

“Front squat, baby,” Bosa responded after 49ers practice Tuesday.”