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49ers vs. Giants second quarter thread: Wake up, boys

Nick Bosa came to play

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The 49ers offense opened the game with a 15-play, 64-yard drive that took over six minutes off the clock. But the drive ended in a field goal after Brock Purdy was nearly intercepted, which wasn’t the first time that happened on the drive.

The good news is that the offense converted its first three first downs. Purdy found Deebo Samuel for 14 yards, and Jauan Jennings for 24 yards. The other near interception came on a deep crossing route, where George Kittle had to play defensive back. That would be something to keep an eye on during the game, whether the 49ers wideouts would need to play defensive back.

The Giants first drive looked a lot like the Rams. New York had an 11-play drive after converting a pair of third downs of their own. Daniel Jones had an 18-yard completion after scrambling that was the highlight of the drive. But the 49ers were fortunate to have a dropped pass, and held New York to a field goal from 44 yards out, which tied the game at three.

Up to that score, New York had been outscored 26-0 in the first half.