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Jake Moody remains perfect through first three games

Kickertown represent

NFL: Preseason-Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If any of you are still worried Jake Moody will be an absolute bust of a pick, relax. This guy’s still perfect through three games. Not perfect XPs, not perfect on certain yardages, any kick from his boot meant for points has not been missed.

So far on the season, Moody has attempted nine field goals and nine extra points. All of which he’s drilled. His longest has been 57 yards (against the Los Angeles Rams). This of course doesn’t give us much data on his accuracy on longer field goals as that’s the only 50+ field goal he’s attempted.

When Robbie Gould kicked for the 49ers, he was money within 50 yards. So money that if he was coming out to kick a field goal in a tie game at the end of regulation, the team could just start packing it up for the locker room (well, besides that 2022 Los Vegas Rams debacle). So far Moody has been just as good, knocking two 40-ish field goals against the Pittsburgh Steelers (when the Justin Tucker comparisons came). From there he’s notched 4 in the 20-30 yard range and one in the 30-40 yard range.

So if he’s got the Robbie Gould consistency is yet to be seen, but he’s definitely been assigned a variety of kicks and delivered with each one. Now, we’re only three games into a 17-game season. But we’ve seen numerous kickers come in and show us they couldn’t cut it in the league by Week 2. Moody hasn’t even flinched and most of his kicks have been drilled through the center.

Only two other kickers since the merger to make at least nine field goals without a miss are Chandler Catanzaro and Matt Bryant

All this shows that Moody is off to a good start. If we want to keep comparing him to Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, he had 7 field goals and 11 XPs—all successful in his 2012 rookie season. Week 4 was Tucker’s first miss, going 1-2. That brought him to 8-9.

Moody has had a pretty strong debut to the NFL, especially after his preseason had him snaking kicks on one side of the uprights. Three games in (yes, I know it’s only three games) he looks the part, looks like an upgrade, and also is much, much cheaper than Gould would have cost against the 49ers tight salary cap (well, before all the restructures).

Speaking of Gould, he still hasn’t been signed yet. As I’ve said since the offseason, losing Gould wasn’t ideal, but the 49ers weren’t the only team who passed on his services. There’s been some struggles through the first two weeks of the NFL with their kickers and we’ve heard nothing of Gould being brought in.

Kickertown is alive and well folks. Not bad for a 3rd rounder.