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Golden Nuggets: It’s... Red Zone day?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, September 24th, 2023

49ers’ game review: Javon Kinlaw and the power of five (paywall)

“It’s early, but things appear to be finally working out for Kinlaw, who has 10 QB pressures in three games this season while playing 72 snaps in an off-the-bench role. For perspective, Kinlaw had 10 pressures from 2021-22 (when he played in 10 games), which was part of the injury-plagued start to his career that included multiple knee surgeries.”

Eisen believes Brock Purdy is ‘perfect’ QB for 49ers in this moment

“This guy can make plays,” Eisen said during the “Rich Eisen Show” on Friday. “... I’m not saying he’s perfect. He is most certainly not perfect — nobody is. ... Even Patrick Mahomes isn’t perfect. But what [Purdy] is, is perfect for this team in this moment. Yeah, because he is perfect for this team and this moment, and he showed it again last night.

“On behalf of all New York Jets fans, can we just get half a Purdy and place him inside Zach Wilson as he takes on the [New England] Patriots this week? Make the plays, don’t make so many mistakes — don’t make too many mistakes. And last night, again, [Purdy] made some mistakes; they didn’t count against him. Is he lucky for that? Maybe. But he’s also good. He’s also good. One thing’s for sure. Let’s say this: He doesn’t look like a kid who’s struggling to come back from elbow surgery, is he?”

Williams thrilled to see Deebo thriving as 49ers team captain

“I love it for him, because he’s one of those guys who is going to keep pushing himself for more to be better and continue to try to make a difference,” Williams said. “I think he’s been teetering around that captain status for the last few years, ever since he’s been looked at as that top dog in the wide receivers room, the most tenured.”