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Golden Nuggets: On to the Cardinals

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, September 25th, 2023

Why 49ers’ defensive ‘nerve’ vs. Giants made Chad Johnson want to cry

“[The Giants] have to make Daniel Jones’ job easier, because leaving it in his hands to be a quarterback and sit back there and do what he needs to do with [49ers defensive end Nick] Bosa coming off the edge and the rest of that 49ers defense playing well, ain’t going to happen,” Johnson told Shannon Sharpe during the “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho” show on Friday.

“I wanted to cry, and I’m not trying to be funny. I know I play around a lot, but I felt bad. The fact that the 49ers had the nerve on third down — almost every down — until it got to the fourth quarter, they played man-to-man with one safety in the middle of the field and said, ‘Let me see you get open.’ That hurt me.....I saw multiple times from quarter one to quarter three on third down — and a few second downs — the 49ers’ defense playing man-to-man across the board, and nobody could get open,” Johnson told Sharpe. “That’s a sign of disrespect to that receiver room.”

49ers starting to figure out running back rotation behind Christian McCaffrey

“Yeah, we definitely got to get Elijah in there more and do better with our rotation than we did yesterday,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said via a conference call on Monday after Week 2. “That wasn’t the plan going in. It just ended up that way, and I got to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Edelman believes 49ers ‘struck oil’ with seventh-round QB Purdy

“You have to be, they struck oil,” Edelman said. “With the late-round pick, “Mr. Irrelevant.” When you watch Brock Purdy play, he processes the game. You never see him double-pump on something, double-clutch. He knows where he’s going with the ball and that’s a testament to Kyle Shanahan knowing what he likes as a play-caller, what makes Brock comfortable and also Brock going out and executing.

“Like I went out and watched these guys in preseason and I was a little concerned with his arm strength because he just had the UCL, he was barely getting it out there. And what does Kyle Shanahan do? He gives him plays and throws that he knows he can make. And right now, because of the talent that they have, he doesn’t have to play outside of his game. He just has to deliver the football.”