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The 49ers may not face Kirk Cousins next month

If the Vikings continue to skid, Minnesota is likely to trade their quarterback

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

After the Arizona Cardinals, the difficulty of the 49ers schedule ramps up. They’ll face the Cowboys, Browns, Vikings, and Bengals over the next four games.

Niners’ fans should know more than anybody just how different your team could look leading up to or right after the trade deadline, which is on Halloween — two days after San Francisco’s Week 8 game against the Bengals.

In 2019, the 49ers traded for Emmanuel Sanders on their way to a Super Bowl run. Last year, it was Christian McCaffrey, who needed hardly any time to establish himself as the offense’s best player.

Looking at the landscape of the NFC, the 49ers may face a Vikings squad in a month without Kirk Cousins. Despite having only a -13 point differential, Minnesota is 0-3. That’s a feat only two other teams in the NFL can say they’ve “accomplished.”

Cousins' contract voids after this season, and he’s expected to become a free agent. So it’s no surprise that Cousins has been front and center in trade talks ahead of next month’s deadline, with the assumption that Minnesota will try and get some sort of draft compensation in return for their quarterback before they go in a different direction next year.

The New York Jets are the most obvious pairing, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter believes the Vikings won’t be so quick to pull the trigger on a trade since their backup is our old friend, Nick Mullens. During an appearance on Pat Mcafee’s show, Schefter repeatedly said a trade wouldn’t make sense for neither the Vikings nor the Jets. Not yet, anyway.

Before the trade deadline, Minnesota faces the Panthers on the road, the Chiefs, Bears, 49ers, and then the Packers. There’s a high probability that the Vikings could head into Week 8 staring at a record of 2-6. If that’s the case, goodbye Kirk. And, hopefully, before the 49ers matchup.

If I’m the Falcons, I take a long look at adding Cousins. A quick google search of “Kirk Cousins trade,” and you’ll see a few potential contenders who may be interested in Cousins' services.