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Golden Nuggets: Thank God nobody on the team is dating a celeb

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

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Barrows: Is Kyle Shanahan borrowing from Dolphins? 49ers’ Taylor Swift moment? Mailbag (paywall)

“What does Lynch’s extension mean for Peters? If the 49ers keep winning, Peters will likely continue to get attention, and he has the luxury of leaving when the situation is right for him. And if the 49ers win the Super Bowl, Lynch could decide to step away (though he’s never said that’s his plan).

I think Peters has the better of the two jobs. He gets to do all the player evaluations and run the draft (the cool stuff) without any of the tedious face-of-the-franchise stuff — media appearances, contracts, dealing with off-the-field issues, cutting players — a general manager has to handle. Best Supporting Actor is often a juicier category than Best Actor.”

49ers re-sign veteran RB to practice squad, release TE

“McNichols (5-9, 205) was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fifth round (162nd overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. Throughout his five-year NFL career with the Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers (2017), Indianapolis Colts (2018), Jacksonville Jaguars (2019) and Tennessee Titans (2020-21), he has appeared in 34 games and registered 90 carries for 364 yards (4.0 average) and one touchdown on the ground to go along with 40 receptions for 295 yards (7.4 average) and one touchdown through the air.”

Branch: 49ers’ mailbag: Money maneuvers make it clear they’re all in, again (paywall)

“They hope they won’t need that money this season. It would be best if they could roll the majority into next season, when they have cap liabilities ($280 million) that will exceed the projected cap, likely to fall between $250 million and $260 million.

However, the 49ers created gobs of space now to give them flexibility. What if a key injury necessitates a move? Or what if a going-nowhere team with a few elite players (see: 2022 Panthers) holds a fire sale?

The 49ers could further complicate next offseason’s salary-cap dance by adding another significant contract. But that would be a worry for 2024. Their recent restructuring makes it clear they’re ready to go all in — yet again — to finally end their Super Bowl drought.”

49ers fully appreciate significance of second 3-0 start since 1999

“So far, there has been no early-season malaise. Shanahan’s message about the importance of a fast start has been clearly received. But with a long weekend to recharge and reflect on what they’ve done so far, the Niners are also making sure to be as critical of themselves as possible.”

49ers overreactions: Have Shanahan, Lynch built team that can last?

“While it is not necessarily an overreaction to predict Bosa will fall short of 10 sacks for the season, the smart money is probably on him again reaching double-digits in that category.

Even if his sack numbers decline, the 49ers still can get their money’s worth out of Bosa because of how his presence and constant pressure will impact every game in which he plays.”

Elliott: Why Wyche, Chadiha believe Purdy belongs in MVP conversation

“[Purdy] knows he can make the plays he has to make when he is called upon, Chadiha said. “He can use his legs, he can use his arm, he doesn’t put them in bad positions, doesn’t turn the ball over… quietly, that’s what gets you into the MVP conversation. Being consistent and playing on high-profile teams that win a lot....But there is a lot of opportunity for someone like him [Purdy], in a season like this, to step into that conversation. Because a lot of the guys you expect to be there, like the Joe Burrow’s, Justin Herbert’s, Josh Allen’s, they’re not taking off in the same way. And so we still have to have people to vote for and talk about. He [Purdy] is going to play in enough big-time games, and when he’s playing in these games already, he looks the part. He looks like a guy who knows what he’s doing, who’s having an impact beyond just coming along for the ride.”