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Where do you rank the 49ers 2023’s offseason?

Now that things have concluded, where would you place all the drama?

A few weeks ago, I did the difficult task of ranking the San Francisco 49ers offseasons over the last decade. 2023 came up as No. 3 mostly for a quarterback battle.

Except it wasn’t the quarterback battle many (including myself) were thinking.

There wasn’t much written on who would be QB2 of a team since maybe Tim Tebow. That was a large part of the 49ers offseason drama. Many (myself included) thought Trey Lance would at least make an attempt at QB1, but Brock Purdy solidified things rather quickly, instead making the “great” QB battle be for No. 2. There was no three-way, it was simply Lance and Sam Darnold fighting for the backup spot. We know how that turned out.

Now that the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, we have almost concluded the 2023 offseason. Outside of the great QB2 battle, we also have the Nick Bosa drama which has been exhausting when takes come about the 49ers planning to trade the pass rusher and underwhelming when there’s no Instagram or social media posts from Bosa’s camp.

Well, besides this thing in NY.

I don’t think this exactly was what I planned it to be, so where would you place this offseason over the last decade of offseasons? This is going up against The Offseason from Hell, The Trade, and other offseasons. Now that we’ve seen the (near) conclusion, would you think this is something talked about or another blip on the radar?

The 49ers are no strangers to crazy offseasons, do you think this one fit the bill?