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College football’s Week 1 star said his favorite team is the 49ers

Deion Sanders stole the show at TCU this past weekend. His star player, Travis Hunter, happens to be a 49ers fan.

Texas Christian University vs University of Colorado Set Number: X164412 TK1

If you’re reading this, you’re familiar with the name Deion Sanders. You may even own his jersey. For those of you who didn’t turn on a TV during Labor Day weekend, the former All-Pro 49ers cornerback is now the head coach at the University of Colorado. He led the Buffaloes to an upset victory over the TCU Horned Frogs, despite being predicted to lose by three touchdowns.

While Deion has multiple children on the Colorado roster, it was his other “son,” Travis Hunter, who stole the show. Hunter played 81 snaps at cornerback and 64 at wide receiver, per PFF. Hunter was targeted nine times, forced three incompletions, and made an acrobatic diving interception. He also caught 11 passes for 119 yards.

Hunter was on a live stream the following day, where he answered a bunch of questions, including his potential NFL destination and who he does and doesn’t want to play for. His answer relating to the Green Bay Packers was hilarious:

Everybody I’ve talked to says I’m going to go to Green Bay. I don’t know why, but Green Bay is cold. I don’t got a problem with the cold. Why do I have to go to Green Bay?

I was there when the 49ers played in Green Bay in the Divisional Round a couple of years ago when Jordan Willis had that infamous blocked punt. Not to be dramatic, but you couldn’t feel your fingers, toes, and it was one of the most unpleasant three hours of my adult life.

Hunter’s favorite team? You guessed it, the home team: “My favorite NFL team is the 49ers.”

Hunter did say, “but if I had to say, I like staying in Colorado,” meaning the Denver Broncos, but that could be more of him pandering to the locals.