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Golden Nuggets: Four days until Trent Williams plays football again

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

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Kawakami: How the 49ers have misplayed the Nick Bosa situation and why it’s time to break all precedents (paywall)

“But right now, I think the 49ers are guilty of feeling too comfortable about Bosa, too serene about his commitment to stay in shape while away from the team, too complacent about Bosa’s desire to be with his teammates and take another deep postseason run and too relaxed about their best player’s near- and long-term future. They rightly weren’t worried about Bosa’s work ethic, but I think that, in their minds, took the pressure off of the mid-August negotiations, which, it turns out, needed the pressure. In some quiet ways, the 49ers seem to have been assuming that Bosa would compromise at a number below what he and his agent have requested. Guess what: I don’t think that’s happening.”

Tim Kawakami: 49ers alarm bells should be ringing if Bosa deal not done Tuesday

“I don’t understand exactly why there isn’t a double urgency. I would think today, to make everybody feel better, today is like the last reasonable day,” Kawakami said. “Because you could get him on a plane, you can get through practice tomorrow. Maybe go full go Thursday. You get him on the plane Friday, you feel pretty good about it. It’s today….”

Silver: ‘A savage stat’: Toll paid by 49ers’ 2022 foes was a loss the next week (paywall)

“Greenlaw didn’t have to wait until the offseason to get feedback; he heard about the Niners’ physicality in real time. “After you hit ’em they’ll get up and go, ‘What the f—?’ ” he says, smiling. “I’ve had a couple guys go, ‘What are you doing, dude — what’s wrong with you?’ Or, ‘What are you taking?’ And I just get up and do it again.”

Play until 40? Retire? 49ers’ Trent Williams offers new perspective on future (paywall)

“If I’m 40 years old and I’m not at a Pro Bowl level, but I can help the team, and I can help the guys in the locker room, and (head) coach Kyle (Shanahan) wants me around, then I’m going to be around,” Williams said. “If he tells me, ‘Hey, I think it’s time. You had a great career,’ then it’s time. As long as I’m working for the San Francisco 49ers and I feel up to doing it, I’m going to do it as long as I can and as hard as I can....

“I don’t know how realistic it is,” Williams said. “We’ve seen people do it. It’s definitely a goal of mine. I want to see how long I can push this thing. How long can I stay at the top of my game? How long can I fight Father Time off? When he wins, he’ll win and I’ll hang them up. If it’s age 38, 39, 41, I’m not going to leave anything in the tank. As long as I feel like I can offer something to the game, I’m going to be suiting up.”

Williams offered an admission: He wonders each spring whether the upcoming season will be the year in which the wheels come off. And the fear of a sudden and steep decline motivates him during his workouts at the gym he co-owns in Houston with former NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

“I do think about (declining) a lot,” Williams said. “I think that, alone, is one of the driving forces that keeps me going. Because I don’t know where that cliff is. I don’t know when it’s coming. … So, kind of pins and needles almost every year.

“Every year I don’t really feel confident until I get back here and get to moving around. And then after a couple plays I feel like myself and it’s, ‘All right, all right, it didn’t happen yet. I can play another year and not worry about it.’ ”

49ers release Zane Gonzalez from IR

“The 49ers put Gonzalez on injured reserve last week when they slashed their roster to 53 players and the NFL’s daily transaction wire shows they released him from that list on Tuesday. They also waived defensive back A.J. Parker off injured reserve.”