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Per Adam Schefter: Nick Bosa may have pushed the deal with 49ers through

There may have came a point between his agent and the 49ers where Nick Bosa said “Enough, just get me back there”

NFL: JAN 29 NFC Championship - 49ers at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers fans are breathing a bit easier now that one of, if not the best defensive players in football got their extension with the team. In case you didn’t hear, Nick Bosa is now the highest paid non-quarterback in football. And thank goodness that is over with.

There will be a lot to come out in the coming days and weeks about how this went to the wire and all the moving pieces, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter said he thinks Nick Bosa himself made the deal go through.

In an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Schefter indicated Bosa stepped into the negotiations once he knew how much he was going to make:

“The two sides can negotiate all they want, they can feel they are far apart all they want, but I think in the end, Nick Bosa has to say, “I want to be there for my team, it’s important for me to be there with my guys, we’ve taken this far enough let’s go in and get this done and I think he gives a directive in the end: “Hey, I’m taking this deal, it’s a record deal, I’m the richest defensive player in NFL history.”

There will be no argument here that Bosa is worth every penny. The reason Bosa got paid like the best defensive player in the league is because he is the best defensive player in the league.

Now that said, it’s also worth noting how Bosa let the negotiations play out and finally stepped in when it was time saying “enough” and signed on the dotted line.

Any way you splice it, Bosa is going to be on the field Sunday, with a much larger bank account and we all can be happy.