Tomorrow's the big day!

Can ya believe it? The 49ers back in action in meaningful games! The "revenge tour" for how last season ended starts SOON!!!!

Bosa's back in the fold... Moody is cleared to play (Oooof... makes me nervous, he's my boy ya know. lol)... most of the team seems healthy (WOW!!!)

We get a W tomorrow and we're off and rolling. If we don't and it's at least a good contest, then arrow up still. Can't wait. Hate that it's a 10 AM start here which means I have to avoid NN and the InterwebZ in general until around 4 PM or so when I'm cool with starting to have beer and watch football. haha... By the time I start watching y'all will already know how it went good or bad. Love it!

So I get a kick using these FanPosts as a goofy way to just squawk after I've had a few beers (which I have tonight haha) and so... Squirrels.

I shot at several of them tonight like crazy since I've already explained I'm having "issues" with them. Not with a real rifle, cause neighbors would probably freak out but used a pretty high-powered .22 air rifle.

Was pretty sure I got one, cause it just lied on the tree branches for ages and lo and behold it was doing that thing squirrels do to escape danger. It eventually ran off through the branches. haha... Dammit, out-smarted by a rodent! Not kidding. Played dead, but I was sure I'd gotten it so I left it alone. I even got a small pair of binoculars to look at it and I was *sure* it was dead.

Squirrel > SNS. lol

Now to just be a smidge serious here, and hopefully give y'all something to think about for those you love... about a week ago the GF found a lump in her right breast. We looked at it and felt it and it was obviously not "normal"... so we've been on a bit of pins and needles until yesterday when she was able to get a mammogram and ultra-sound and it turned out to just be an "oil cyst."

I don't mention this for attention or 'congrats' or anything like that. Seriously, I don't... I rarely talk about anything "serious" on NN... but I'm in my cups and sooo relieved... so for anyone reading this let someone you love know it every so often. That's it. We all forget and let it go too long until you get spooked something might be wrong. :-)

So enough of that. lol... I cannot WAIT to hit the DVR tomorrow and watch the game. Good Lord even as I type this I'm getting giddy... If things go as we expect the DEATH MACHINE should be full-steam and awesome!!!

As always, y'all try and be good in the game threads. haha


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