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Christian McCaffrey on his calf injury: ‘With certain things, you can’t be dumb about it’

That’s the reason McCaffrey didn’t return

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Christian McCaffrey left Sunday’s game against the Washington Commanders with a calf injury. The 49ers held McCaffrey out for the remainder of the game, and Elijah Mitchell ended up receiving a season-high in carries as a result.

During his postgame press conference, San Francisco 49ers head coach said this about McCaffrey:

“We think he’ll be all right. I don’t know if he would’ve been able to go next week or not. We’ll have to find out more tomorrow. He was moving around alright on the sidelines. Hopefully, it’s not too bad. But we’ll know more tomorrow.”

Shanahan hadn’t put much thought into resting his starters since the 49ers hadn’t clinched the No. 1 seed until seconds before he took the podium. He did say:

“We’ll try to rest some guys. But you can’t rest everybody. It’s too hard. We gotta fill the team without a doubt. We’re going to have a big week of practice. There are a lot of things we need to get better at. And the only way you do that is by playing football and practicing football. We’ll have a big Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And figure out our roster as the week goes, and we’ll decide what we’ll do for Sunday.”

If the Niners can afford to rest a player, they will. We can expect a skeleton crew as far as starters go.

Here’s what McCaffrey told reporters after the game: “I think it was minor and just made the smart move, especially not knowing what was going to happen next week. I didn’t just want to go in there and make it any worse. With certain things, you can’t be dumb about it.”