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Falcons have requested permission to interview Steve Wilks for vacant HC position

That’s the second team in as many days to pick up the phone for Wilks

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Robin Alam/ISI Photos/Getty Images

A couple of days ago, we asked whether the San Francisco 49ers were in danger of losing defensive coordinator Steve Wilks after one year. The Los Angeles Chargers formally requested permission to interview Wilks for their vacancy as head coach earlier in the week.

When Kyle Shanahan spoke to the media on Tuesday and shared his expectations for Wilks as the 49ers prep for a Super Bowl run:

“I actually just got to talk to him a little bit ago about some things just because we had the day with the players and stuff. I didn’t see him yesterday, so we just went through a couple things, but there’s not that much to talk about. It just works out so well when you do have the Bye Week. So now it’s a great week for him. I think it’s the only week they’re allowed to talk. I’m not exactly sure the rules anymore, but I think this is the only week they’re allowed to talk. When it comes to the teams that have the Bye Week, that was the only time that I talked when I was on the Bye Week. So, it really works out and makes it easy for both situations.”

Shanahan also said that he’s gotten a lot of phone calls and knew more teams than the Chargers would come calling eventually. It only took two days for another team to pick up the phone.

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported that the Atlanta Falcons have requested permission to interview Wilks.

Wilks has apparent ties to the NFC South when he coaches the Carolina Panthers. He’s also a Charlotte native, so the south may be more enticing for Wilks and his family.

The good news is that Shanahan thought these were virtual interviews, and Wilks wouldn’t have to travel. So whether today or next Tuesday, Wilks won’t have to leave the Bay Area for an interview.