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Which 49ers offensive assistant would you hold onto?

The 49ers have some cards to play on offense, should an offensive coordinator role be offered. Who is the guy you promote?

Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Right now we have a few interviews coming. 49ers passing game specialist Klint Kubiak has an interview for the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator position and quarterbacks coach Brian Griese could also find himself in the pool of interviews for offensive coordinator. With Adam Peters being hired as Washington Commanders’ new general manager, that means he (or his soon-to-be-hired head coach) may also come to the 49ers for someone to run that side of the ball.

As said in the Black Monday tracker, the 49ers have a very unique card they can play. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan also serves as the team’s offensive coordinator. Should a team want to hire someone from his staff for the same position elsewhere, Shanahan can just promote them from within. This happened with Mike McDaniel, though, it was more of a promotion and not necessarily to block him from leaving for an external offensive coordinator position at the time.

Something to keep in mind: the 49ers cannot effectively block assistants from interviewing for a coordinator position (promotion). The rule changed in 2020 to prevent such a thing because, the 49ers of all teams, did it on the regular.

The 49ers can play this card again with the offense if Griese or Kubiak have a thread to leave. The 49ers can do a promotion making the person in question offensive coordinator. The issue is they can only do one promotion. A lot of you may say make them and whoever else the league comes poaching “co-offensive coordinators” but that rarely works. Furthermore, that may only work for one year since if you share offensive coordinator role, nothing stops the team from blocking you to take one all to yourself. Besides, if you have a chance to be the sole offensive coach why would you instead share it with someone? Especially when you already are going to have Shanahan’s fingerprints in everything.

The assistant may have an interview for a head coaching gig in another year anyways, but it just makes more sense if promoting to make them offensive coordinator.

Obviously these are all interviews now, but the 49ers may have to play some tricks to hold onto their assistance. The problem is there’s probably only one offensive assistant they can hold onto. Who would you take?

Griese did his job as a QB whisperer getting Jimmy Garoppolo back into the fold in 2022 and made Brock Purdy a star that same year and in 2023. On that same token, there’s been some very creative pass plays coming from the 49ers which can be credited to Kubiak. Could that very creativity take a hit when he leaves? It obviously won’t tank, but Mike McDaniel’s departure was definitely felt in the running game when he went to the Miami Dolphins.

Who do you hold onto on offense and why? Who is the guy you must keep?