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49 percent of 49ers fans believe Christian McCaffrey will be the MVP of the playoffs

Picking the best player on the best team. Really going out on a limb here.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The shoo-in for offensive player of the year and first-team all-pro running back Christian McCaffrey is the fan favorite to be the MVP of the playoffs for the 49ers. Forty-nine percent of fans are betting on McCaffrey. Thirty-eight percent of fans are betting on Brock Purdy to be the MVP after missing the all-pro team by a few votes. Deebo Samuel took six percent of the vote.

Following extended rest for McCaffrey, it is a safe bet to assume McCaffrey gets right back into his workhorse role. Playoff games tend to be closer; controlling the clock with the running game will be key for any team to advance. McCaffrey will be leaned on as a runner depending on the game script. CMC’s presence creates opportunities for his teammates.

Purdy will be vital to the 49ers success in the playoffs. Hitting explosive plays and taking care of the football are recipes for winning in January. Purdy may not win MVP or make the all-pro team, but he has a chance to win something greater: a Lombardi trophy.

Samuel backed up his preseason talk about getting back to form with a stellar season. When this team needs a play, Samuel is up to the task and can turn a play that is sniffed out into a huge gain. Samuel will be important to the 49ers playoff run.

The 49ers have stars all over their roster. In any game, it can be several players who have huge games. The 49ers are so dangerous because of that. It’s time for the stars to shine.