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Steelers vs. Bills thread: Josh Allen and Buffalo are expected to cruise

Can the Steelers keep pace?

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills had their playoff opener rescheduled to Monday afternoon due to a winter storm. Josh Allen and company will host the Pittsburgh Steelers this afternoon.

If you didn’t know any better, you would have never known that this game was previously moved looking at the stadium today:

It’s the northeast in January. It’s going to be cold. That’s not a surprise. Neither will a relatively higher-scoring game today.

The Steelers were among the worst defenses in the NFL last season without T.J. Watt. Their first test comes against Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and a Bills offense that has been effective at home.

The Steelers won’t have been much better offensively since they fired their offensive coordinator. Mason Rudolph has been competent. He’ll need to score closer to 30 than 20 if Pittsburgh prevails this afternoon.

I think Allen will be unstoppable against Pittsburgh.