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There’s a high probability of rain and heavy winds in Santa Clara on Saturday night

Which team will be affected by the weather more?

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

According to Accuweather, the forecast in Santa Clara on Saturday night calls for wind gusts up to 17 miles per hour blowing in the southeast direction. The probability of rain is 87 percent, with the likelihood of thunderstorms at 17 percent. It’ll be cloudy, and the rain will last roughly three hours.

During the evening, the chances of rain are around 60 percent, with winds blowing around 12 miles per hour.

Weather can be fickle, and the rain could last for 15 minutes, four hours, or not even take place during the time of the game. Let’s assume there will be some elements of weather to deal with on Saturday evening. That’s advantage: 49ers.

Per Sports Info Solutions, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love played five games outdoors on the road this season. Love completed 60 percent of his passes for 6.9 yards per attempt. The most telling stat from Love playing outdoors was uncovering that 124 of his 165 attempts were deemed catchable. That suggests Love is either throwing the ball or simply inaccurate when playing on the road more than one might anticipate.

Love ranked 23rd in the percentage of passes that were catchable when playing outside on the road this year — that does not factor in any game where weather could have played a factor.

Where Love shines more than any other quarterback is avoiding sacks. Under these circumstances, he has the lowest sack percentage in the NFL and has been pressured at the fourth-lowest amount. We can dive into that topic more once we discuss the trenches, but the Packers signal-caller has a penchant for making the big play under duress.

We discussed fumbling and variance earlier on Tuesday. Here’s a look at each quarterback’s hand size measured from the combine:

Jordan Love hand size: 10.5”

Brock Purdy hand size: 9.25”

Purdy is in the 24th percentile, while Love is in the 94th percentile.

Hopefully, the weather will have its say on Saturday night in favor of the 49ers.