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Golden Nuggets: Three sleeps until the 49ers play football again

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

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49ers’ Brock Purdy uses internal motivation to maintain edge

“Early in the offseason, Niners coach Kyle Shanahan sat down with Purdy and assured him that if he was healthy he would be the starter unless Brady wanted to play one more season for his hometown Niners.

An ecstatic Purdy understood the logic, but the competitor in him also bubbled under the surface.

“That meant so much to me,” Purdy said. “I remember him saying, if we can get Tom Brady, we’re going to try to get him. And I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s the GOAT. I get it.’ But something deep down inside me was sort of like, ‘Dude, I just showed you that I can play well in this system. And we were one game away from the Super Bowl.’ ... More than anything, I was like, ‘OK, now let’s go.’”

Bosa makes interesting observation about Packers QB Love, Rodgers

“They have a lot of the same guys from the past really good teams they’ve had and a quarterback who does exactly what he’s coached to do,” Bosa said. “Aaron Rodgers is a Hall of Famer and unbelievable, but he kind of went outside of the realm of coaching, and sometimes it’s good when you have a guy who does what he’s coached to do.”

Bosa said he sees similarities between how Love and Brock Purdy run their respective offenses.

“I think they both go through the reads really smooth and they’re accurate,” Bosa said. “I’ve seen more from Brock, in terms of making plays, but we’re definitely going to have to be ready for (Love).”

Branch: How 49ers’ Brock Purdy elevated himself after lowest moments impressed teammates (paywall)

“It’s extremely rare because it goes against human nature,” Griese said. “You play the position of quarterback and you’re under so much pressure and stress and heat — even when things are going well. It’s constant stress. And when things don’t go well, it just magnifies. And it’s human nature to deflect. Or to try to hide. And that’s not just who Brock is.”

Griese says the ability to shoulder responsibility is priceless when it comes to a quarterback’s locker-room standing. It’s a trait Purdy has shown teammates that he has after last year’s success-stuffed rookie season in which he was largely protected from slings and arrows as an out-of-nowhere underdog.”

Kawakami: How the 49ers are built to avoid the collapses the Eagles and Cowboys just suffered (paywall)

“This is just anecdotal, but while watching all the big running plays and receivers wide open in the middle of the field during the wild-card games last weekend, was I the only one who kept thinking: Where are the good linebackers to stop this stuff? Why doesn’t anybody value linebackers the way the 49ers and Ravens do?”

Brock Purdy, Jordan Love highlight a first-rate 49ers-Packers offensive matchup (paywall)

“Both play callers are seeing their quarterbacks excel in the play-fake game. Since Week 9, the 49ers’ Brock Purdy has delivered a perfect passer rating and Pro Football Focus’ top grade on play-action work. Love, who held a perfect passer rating for most of the blowout over Dallas, ranks No. 2 in PFF grade on such plays over that span.”

CMC returns to practice, ready for 49ers-Packers playoff clash

“Linebacker Dre Greenlaw (Achilles) and safety Logan Ryan (groin) were scheduled to sit out practice on Tuesday, though both should be available to play on Saturday, Shanahan said.

Shanahan said Greenlaw is expected to practice on Wednesday.

“We pushed him hard (Monday), just so we wanted him to take a day off before we push him again,” Shanahan said.”

What Shanahan comically told wife about Kristin Juszczyk jacket request

“No, I haven’t but my wife actually was talking about that.” Shanahan said.

“I told her I don’t have a number so you better not wear that, that would be so embarrassing for us. She’s awesome and she does that stuff all the time. My daughter likes to make clothes and she’s like seven years old so she’s always sending her [Kristin] stuff too that they try to make so it’s awesome.”

Steve Young reveals 49ers’ potential weakness but predicts playoff success

““You saw them get beat by the Ravens and a bully defense,” Young remarked. “The Cleveland Browns did that. And you also saw them get beat by the Bengals with Joe Burrow just throwing it all over the field. Who’s got that bully defense in the NFC today? I know they’re going to probably see the Lions and the Packers [in the playoffs]. I don’t know that either, on the road, can do that.

“Who can throw it around? Can [Packers QB] Jordan Love repeat this? Can he be the new Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson? Can he be that guy? Because if he can, he can throw it over the field.”