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Packers player on Brock Purdy: ‘When you get pressure on him, it’s a guarantee we’ll get a turnover’

Finally, some trash talk.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers finished tenth in the NFL in sack percentage and 14th in the NFL in pressure percentage in 2023. They were a unit that consistently got after the quarterback, and when they did, they brought him down.

Defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt provided his scouting report for Brock Purdy ahead of Saturday’s game:

“When D-linemen just get pressure into him, he’s always throwing off or it’s behind them or it’s overthrown or short ... when you get pressure on him, it’s a guarantee we’ll get a turnover.”

Lamar Jackson was the only quarterback with a higher yards per attempt and passer rating than Purdy this year when facing pressure, per PFF. Josh Allen is the only quarterback in the playoffs to throw more touchdowns when pressured than Purdy.

Purdy makes mistakes. There’s no doubt about it, and he was turnover-prone at the most inopportune times... in three out of 16 games.

Purdy’s turnover-worthy percentage was in line with C.J. Stroud this season — a rookie quarterback who might’ve just played the best playoff game for a first-year starter.

Wyatt is repeating what the Packers are saying in meetings. That should be the biggest takeaway. It’s unsurprising that “if we pressure the quarterback, he’ll make a mistake” is the game plan. That’s everyone’s game plan.

The 49ers don’t need bulletin board material. Purdy has shaken off any criticism from the opponent all season. This won’t be the first nor the last time a defender from the other team takes a shot at the Niners quarterback.

We have proof that Purdy can avoid the rush and make plays in the face of pressure. There’s no proof he’s guaranteed to turn it over, though. We’ll see if Wyatt can back up his trash talk on Saturday.