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49ers 2024 opponents revealed; Niners locked into another first place schedule

San Francisco will face some stiff competition next year when they’re on the highway

Buffalo Bills v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers will play another first place schedule in 2024 after wrapping up the NFC West.

This season was supposed to feature a couple of different stretches coming into the year, and it certainly panned out that way. From Week 5 through Week 8 looked like it would be a challenge, and, sure enough, the Niners lost three in a row.

A Niners loss to the Ravens wasn’t all that surprising. Baltimore is the “other” best team in the NFL. But San Francisco took care of the Seattle-Philadelphia-Seattle stretch, and didn’t have a letdown in the games before or after.

The order of next year’s schedule hasn’t been released, but we know which teams the Niners will face. They will play the NFC North and the AFC East:

Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
Seattle Seahawks
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
New York Jets
New England Patriots
Kansas City Chiefs
NFC East winner between Philadelphia or Dallas (most likely)

Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills
NFC South winner (Tampa Bay (most likely), New Orleans, Atlanta).

So, there will be games against Mike McDaniel and Robert Saleh. Minnesota may have a new quarterback. The Buccaneers could, too.

I think we’ll see a Bills team that’s more of a consistent Super Bowl contender next year. The same can be said for Kansas City.

We’ll let you make your predictions, but it’s impossible without knowing the order of opponents.