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Golden Nuggets: Deebo’s shoulder shouldering the burden for the 49ers offense

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

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Kyle Shanahan says Deebo Samuel avoided major injury, assesses Brock Purdy’s performance vs. Packers

“It was ugly, after a season when it was mostly easy. For Kyle Shanahan, that’s the sort of callous-building resiliency the 49ers have to show in the playoffs.”

49ers game review: Wet weather dampened Brock Purdy’s effectiveness (paywall)

“On running back Aaron Jones’ across-the-field, 53-yard scamper in the fourth quarter, which began around left end, Bosa, who was lined up on the opposite side, flowed in Jones’ direction, appeared to have a chance to tackle him about 6 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and … watched Jones sprint past him. Bosa didn’t dive or even extend his arm as Jones cut toward the right sideline.

What happened? I’m fairly certain this isn’t the answer: Bosa just didn’t feel like giving effort in the fourth quarter of a one-score playoff game. And I’m fairly certain Bosa, a straight shooter whose candor is a reason he won the media’s good-guy award, will offer an explanation when asked this week.”

49ers minutia minute: Jauan Jennings, Dre Greenlaw shined; kick coverage did not (paywall)

“The 49ers like that Moody can tuck his kicks just short of the corner of the end zone. His accuracy on kickoffs is one of the reasons they drafted him in the third round. However, the coverage units have not been able to take advantage of that skill this season, even when Odum, their top coverage specialist who was activated off of injured reserve for Saturday’s game, is in the lineup. On Nixon’s 72-yard return, for example, the two players tasked with containing the right edge, Woerner and Conley, went to the ground and Nixon ran right past them.

The 49ers seemed to accept their weakness in kick coverage over the last month of the season and sent the bulk of their kickoff deep into the end zone for touchbacks. They went back to this strategy following Nixon’s big return.”

49ers’ Deebo Samuel doesn’t have fracture in shoulder

“Coach Kyle Shanahan said Monday afternoon that imaging did not show another break in Samuel’s shoulder, which at least leaves the door open for him to return this week.”