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Golden Nuggets: Deebo watch continues

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, January 25th, 2024

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Deebo’s shoulder ‘feels better,’ but 49ers star sits out practice

“When asked if Samuel’s condition makes him more optimistic for his chances of playing against the Lions, Shanahan said, “It makes me feel better.”

Shanahan did not offer any insights into Samuel condition, other than he said Samuel’s right shoulder “hurts.”

Aiyuk expects Deebo to play for 49ers vs. Lions in NFC title game

“With a football tucked under his left arm, Samuel ran back and forth along the length of the practice field during the time at the beginning of practice in which the media was allowed to observe the 49ers’ workout.”

Why Bosa believes Young can be game-changer for 49ers vs. Lions

“Affecting the quarterback in different ways can be just as valuable as sacks,” 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa said Wednesday. “They’re hard to come by lately, but we’re going to keep working our ass off to get as many as we can.”

Purdy embracing ‘clean slate’ in NFC title game vs. Lions

“The first step in using his game against the Packers as a learning tool, he said, was to be real with himself.

“You understand where you’re at as a quarterback, how you played,” Purdy said on Wednesday. “And it doesn’t matter if you played good or bad, you can’t take any of that with you the next week.”

Kawakami: Kyle Shanahan on his 49ers tenure and competing vs. legends (paywall)

“ (The Patriots are) the one team that I’ve consistently been able to study since I’ve gotten into the NFL ’cause they’ve never changed. They’ve always had him; they’ve always had (Brady). I just can’t tell you how much I’ve learned just by being able to have a team that I can consistently watch; you can learn their philosophy just from tape, because it’s over and over again.

I remember the first time I got to play against him. It was in Houston (in 2009, Shanahan’s fourth year as Texans assistant and second as an offensive coordinator). … And they had this huge all-out blitz thing they were doing … and I was doing the third-down thing and I couldn’t come up with a protection to pick it up. They were just always bringing one extra. And I remember making up a protection for my first time and trying it out because we had to do it because it was something he was doing schematically.

And now I’ve used that protection my whole life. It’s just little things like that that you don’t have to do until you face someone that gives you some issues, then all of a sudden, you’ve gotta make some stuff up because he makes you work that hard. It’s pretty cool, because he made us make up a sound protection that I’ve used forever since then.”

Hutchinson: 49ers Notes: Deebo’s shoulder, high praise for Jared Goff and 2 bulldogs

“He’s as accurate as any quarterback I’ve seen. He can play at a very top level. If you sit and make things easy for him, he will gash you. I’ve seen it over and over, whether it’s with the Rams, whether it’s with Detroit, that’s why he challenges you. You better be on your stuff, or he can embarrass you fast.”

Bosa, meanwhile, was a bit more straightforward, finishing Shanahan’s thought about “if you sit and make things easy for him.” He intimated Goff has vulnerabilities that show up increasingly as he’s pressured.

“He is the same guy,” Bosa said. “Not saying — he’s played great in Detroit and he’s played great in LA. The key is obviously getting pressure on him. He’s got a really good O-line, so it makes it tough, but you cover up his first couple reads and you get after him, hit him a few times, it changes things a little bit.”

Branch: 49ers’ Brock Purdy could have a big day vs. Lions’ sieve-like secondary (paywall)

“What they don’t possess, however, are top-shelf cornerbacks. Purdy could spend Sunday picking on Cameron Sutton and Kindle Vildor, who are the biggest reasons Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson (six catches, 141 yards, TD) Dallas’ CeeDee Lamb (13, 227, TD), Jefferson again (12, 192, TD), the Rams’ Puka Nacua (nine, 181, TD) and Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans (eight, 147, TD) were prolific in Detroit’s past five games.

Sutton, 28, has allowed a 112.3 passer rating when targeted this season, the 14th highest among cornerbacks who have defended at least 40 passes. Meanwhile, Vildor has started Detroit’s past four games, including playoffs, after replacing benched starter Jerry Jacobs.”