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49ers reveal their jerseys for the Super Bowl

The Niners will wear the road white jerseys, while the Chiefs will sport their home red jerseys.

San Fransciso 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

It’s the AFC’s turn to be the home team in this year’s Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs will wear their home red jerseys:

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were 5-4 in their home jerseys this season.

The San Francisco 49ers are the road team. Here are their jerseys with the Super Bowl patch:

The Niners went 7-2 on the road this year. This’ll be the first time they’ve worn white jerseys in a month. They’re hoping for the same result as the Commanders’ game, when San Francisco won comfortably, 27-10.

Kyle Shanahan spoke on Monday about how the journey to this Super Bowl has been for him:

“There’s been a lot of good things, but the ultimate goal, we always say it, there’s only one team happy at the end of the year. We’re real proud of a lot of things that we’ve accomplished here in the last five years or so. We still want to be that one team that’s happy.

No matter what you accomplish, if you don’t win that Super Bowl, it’s always disappointing. I think that’s really what I meant. We’ve felt that, we’ve gotten close and we’re real proud that we’re back in this situation. But we also know how it feels when you don’t get it done. So we want to go and make sure to get it done this year.”

The 49ers have been knocking on the door of another championship seemingly every year save 2020. This is the best team he’s had as a head coach. Neither of the previous iterations of the Niners overcome two double-digit playoff deficits.