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Nick Bosa to Brock Purdy: ‘The fact that you are doing this blows my mind.’

NFL Films captured the conversation between the 49ers QB and their star defensive end

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Commanders Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers' success with Mr. Irrelevant under center is surreal. Brock Purdy throwing a pass in a regular season game is an outlier. It'd be news if he were to start and win just one game.

In his first full season as a starter, Purdy was a finalist for the MVP.

That information is difficult for many analysts and fans to handle, so the discussions surrounding Purdy are the way they are.

NFL Films captured the brief postgame locker room conversation between Nick Bosa and Purdy, where Bosa is in awe of Purdy:

Bosa: “Bro, the fact that you are doing this blows my mind. All of us, bro.”

Purdy: “It’s crazy.”

Bosa: Did you think you’d be this good? I think I’ve asked you this before.

Purdy: No, I still gotta get better, bro.

Bosa: I know, but did you like... how much confidence did you have? ‘Cause I was the 2nd pick in the draft, and I lacked confidence at times.

If Purdy came off as closer to cocky than humble in the video above, or at any point, there wouldn’t be any issues with that. Look at the season he’s had. There are plenty of reasons to exude confidence.

But even when one of the best players on the team is in his face, Purdy’s the same person.