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Seahawks hire Mike Macdonald; who is now the youngest head coach in the NFL

Macdonald proved to be an outstanding coach during the past two seasons

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

It’ll be a changing of the guard in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Seahawks are going from a 72-year-old head coach to a 36-year-old head coach as various reports confirmed the Seahawks are hiring former Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald.

The Ravens’ defense allowed the fewest points per game in the NFL this past season, had the most takeaways, and recorded the most sacks.

Macdonald was with Baltimore since 2014, before a one-year stint as the Michigan Wolverines defensive coordinator in 2021, where he was also successful.

If you’re a fan of the NFC West or an NFC team, you were rooting for Seattle to hire Dann Quinn. Instead, they get the youngest version of a “Harbaugh” who runs a scheme to counter most of Kyle Shanahan’s and Sean McVay’s schemes. So it’s unsurprising that the Seahawks would lean in Macdonald’s direction since Shanahan and McVay are in the division.

Seattle could potentially get out of Geno Smith’s contract this offseason if they choose, but there aren’t many upgrades over Geno on the market. We’ll see who Macdonald brings on staff as an offensive coordinator, but we’re almost guaranteed to see a more aggressive version of the Seahawks moving forward on both sides of the ball.