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Jake Moody is undefeated at Allegiant Stadium

Should the game come down to a field least he’s done it before

NFC Championship - Detroit Lions v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

So Jake Moody. We’ve had a few discussions about the San Francisco 49ers kicker, namely how fans don’t want the game to come down to his leg. Moody has had a decent rookie season, but towards the end of the regular season his accuracy took a hit. He missed a kick against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional, and he also missed a kick in the Detroit Lions game. Both were under 50 yards.


We all have been treated to that Super Bowl highlight reel where Adam Vinatieri kicks the game winning kick from Super Bowl XXXVI. Should Jake Moody be put in that position, you are fine to flooding your house with sweat.

But fear not, 49ers fans. The game is played at Allegiant Stadium. What does that mean? Why it’s a place he has familiarity kicking, and he’s perfect at it. The AP’s Josh Dubow brought up some history of Jake Moody in bowl games at Allegiant stadium and he’s 4-4. Two 51-yarders and two 35-yarders.

And no. We aren’t going to discuss his preseason there.

Are you reassured yet? We watched Robbie Gould miss a field goal here in 2022 during that cray Los Angeles Raiders game. Moody hasn’t yet done that.

We discussed how concerning Jake Moody was going into the postseason and he definitely caused some scares in both of the 49ers’ two playoff games.

Does this help you at all with the nerves on Moody or are you still praying the game doesn’t come down to his leg?