Kyle Shanahan: The Marv Levy of a New Generation

So... the Niners blew it once again... to the Chiefs... with a lead in the 4th quarter. Great job Kyle.

Too many missed opportunities to bury Taylor Swift's team (and her disgusting Barbie Squad) in the first half, and even into the third quarter. Great job Kyle.

Aside from the one trick play with Jennings throwing to McCaffrey for the TD, it was like watching an offense from the 70's. With a supposed "offensive mastermind" at the helm. Great Job Kyle.

Like Marv Levy, a good coach who led the Bills to four consecutive SB appearances (1990-1993) and lost all of them, Kyle is destined to always and forever fall short. And he will always do so in a manner that is excruciating for fans to witness - always "almost", always "just short", always "if only..."

Call it sour grapes if you want. Call me a fair-weather friend if you want. Results are results. If Kyle couldn't get it done with the most talented roster in the league this year (and probably one of the most stacked ever), why is there any reason to think he can do it next year with less? And after that... the window closes. Purdy will need to be paid after next. Too many stars will age-out or leave for a paycheck that the 49er's can no longer afford. This year was it, and it was squandered yet again.

Welcome to the Marv Levy era in San Francisco, folks.

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