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Is Brock Purdy already a 49ers legend?

The 49ers quarterback has broken a number of records in his short time as the starter.

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In just his second year, and first as the full-time starter, quarterback Brock Purdy has led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl, beating the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions on the way.

It was a record-breaking year for Purdy, who earned the most passing yards by a 49ers quarterback in a season with 4,280, slightly passing Jeff Garcia’s mark of 4,278.

While Purdy hasn’t seen a large sample size yet with the 49ers, the second-year quarterback has elevated San Francisco’s offense to the most explosive it’s been under head coach Kyle Shanahan, who dubbed him “the real deal” earlier in the year.

Although he hasn’t won the Super Bowl yet, is Purdy already a 49ers legend, given his success and storyline?

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In two years with the 49ers, Purdy has been impressive, both in the regular season and the playoffs.

Holding a career record of 17-4 in the regular season and 4-1 in the playoffs, Purdy has been cemented a winner, much like his predecessor Jimmy Garoppolo, but has operated with a higher level of aggressiveness, prompting him to lead the league in yards per attempt with a historic 9.6 mark in 2023.

Additionally, Purdy has lost just one playoff game, which came in last year’s NFC Championship Game when the quarterback was knocked out in the first quarter with a torn UCL.

Apart from that, the 49ers quarterback has won every other outing, be it via blowouts, close contests, or coming from behind, as he’s done in the past two victories.

But, is it enough to already cement him as a franchise legend? I think that answer will come during the Super Bowl, as winning a ring would place Purdy in a group that consists of just Joe Montana and Steve Young, who are two of the best quarterbacks in history.

San Francisco has seen success in the past with quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and Jeff Garcia, but none of those options were able to seal the deal with a Super Bowl ring.

Should Purdy do so, he’d eclipse all of those names in history, despite being just in his second year as a starter, while head coach Kyle Shanahan would’ve finally removed that asterisk around his name after missing out on his last two Super Bowl chances.

Now, the 49ers quarterback might be the 10th-best player on the team, as Cam Newton proclaimed, but it won’t matter if the 49ers are able to get the job done against the Kansas City Chiefs in two weeks, as Purdy will have placed his name in the record books, only adding to his unique storyline.