So many deserve to win this thing.

This is our time, Faithful!!

Watching the "Super Bowl Opening Night" last night, there was something that jumped out to me when I looked at Trent Williams, in his usual co-lead position walking out next to Deebo. The look on his face. You could see "the feels" he had going on in that moment. The unquestioned best Left Tackle and one of the best players at any position in the entire NFL, finally getting to the ultimate game had him visibly feeling the joy of a child on his first trip to Disney or similar.

That got me thinking about the guys on this team and how many deserve this for reasons beyond their earning it with hard work, dedication and their constant high character. So let's go through a handful of special people and start with Trent Williams.

Trent is a 14 year pro and will surely have his bust in Canton 5 years after he calls it a career. It wasn't that long ago that he needed to beat the toughest foe he'd ever face, Cancer. Trent deserves this win!

Johnny Holland, our beloved LB's coach. Johnny is battling to live another day, and so far refusing to allow his incurable multiple myeloma to keep him down.

From Johnny:

"When they hook me up to the IVs, it reminds you that man, this is serious. Like, you’re getting this treatment to live another day. People don’t like to talk about it, but we’re all gonna die. You don’t have a letter with an expiration date on your life. One person knows my expiration date: God. ...Fulfilling your purpose while you’re here is more important than trying to figure out how long you’re gonna live.

I’m glad it’s me and not someone else I love," Holland said. "God built me for this. I’ve learned in sports the game’s not over till there’s no time left on the clock. One second left, and you’ve got a chance. And now, this is the game of life I’m playing."

You may be familiar with the stories of how this brave selfless man took Dre Greenlaw and Aziz Al-Shaair into his home and has become a father or sorts to both. This is an amazing human being! And as he said, only God knows how much more time he has left. I pray the Niners win this for him also, while we're lucky enough to still have him!

This roster: Filled with men that play for each other, and to a man, every one of them would rather give props to a teammate, or teammates, or coaches, or all of the above, than to take them for themselves. No team stays the same two years in a row. This team, deserves this win, right now!

And that leads me to Kyle Shanahan. Along with John Lynch, Shanahan has built this amazing roster and coaching staff. He's brought the Forty Niners back from despair to consistent contention. He's built a winning culture, and a team we as fans can always be excited about. As ridiculous as it is, despite leading the Niners to 3 consecutive Conference Championships and 4 out of the last 5, his ability to win the big one is a question that seems to trump all the good he's done, and does. This team needs to dig deep, be the best version of itself and get this stupid monkey off their beloved coaches back.

And last, us. The 49er Failthful. For those of us that have been around long enough to see the 5 we've won, it's been too long. And for those of us that haven't, you deserve to experience the feeling you've only heard about so far.

Please Niners! Bring that trophy home and get you rings!!!

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