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JC Tretter on the 49ers practice surface: ‘Playable is not the same standard as high-quality’

Tretter speaks up and sides with the Niners

Las Vegas Raiders Hold Joint Practice With San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers return to practice on Wednesday. Head coach Kyle Shanahan took the high road this week, saying the team won’t leave UNLV’s practice field and “it is what it is.”

It doesn’t take an expert to watch and hear Shanahan’s tone and body language to figure out he was biting his tongue and unhappy with the team’s situation. NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell basically told the team to deal with it since 23 “experts” were on his side.

We went to UNLV’s field on Tuesday night. It was a downpour. When you drive by, water splashes high enough to reach your window. The best comparison for the practice condition was Soldier Field in Week 1 of 2022. You take a step, and water fills your shoe up.

Thankfully, it’s sunny on Wednesday, and there’s no rain in the forecast, but the Niners weren’t exaggerating about the conditions and had every reason to be upset.

NFLPA President JC Tretter sided with the Niners over Goodell on Wednesday afternoon: “Playable is not the same standard as high quality. That’s not what we should be doing. We want high-quality surfaces to play on and practice on, and we don’t have that down there.”

The blowback from the “company men” has been bizarre. Some analysts believe the 49ers complain too much. Even if that were the case, why shouldn’t they? They’re practicing outside when the game is being played inside. Weather should not be in the conversation, yet it is.