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Will the 49ers avenge their Super Bowl loss to the Chiefs?


Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers Media Availability Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

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The silly questions have been posed, the practice field has been picked apart and discussed, and the Chiefs have painted themselves as the villains. The 49ers are 60 minutes away from immortality and avenging their 2019-20 Super Bowl loss to Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.

The question is: Will the 49ers avenge their gut-wrenching loss and raise the Lombardi?

The short answer is yes. Football is a game of matchups and impact players. The 49ers are healthy, with the best roster from top to bottom in the NFL. Kyle Shanahan knows what is at stake in this Super Bowl. There’s no doubt Shanahan is one of the premier coaches in the NFL, but the final narrative that needs to be put to bed is winning the big one. Opportunities like this don’t come around all the time.

For the first time during the Reid/Mahomes era, the Chiefs offense isn’t a one-play-and-score offense. Contrary to popular belief, it is KC that “dinks and dunks” on offense, but the Chiefs’ defense is a real strength and is led again by experienced big-game defensive coordinator Steve Spagnoulo.

The Chiefs’ weakness is defending the run. The 49ers have the offensive player of the year and the NFL’s leading rusher in Christian McCaffrey. Thirty carries are on the table, but you can bet Spagnoulo has an adjustment and answer for that. The chess match between Shanahan and Spags is the most intriguing part of this game.

The 49ers defense has had a tough time stopping the run and consistently pressuring the quarterback for a few weeks. Allowing Isiah Pacheco to get rolling and not disrupting Mahomes is a recipe for disaster. Nick Bosa and the high-priced defensive line of the 49ers will have to make their money on Sunday.

Brock Purdy is one game away from finishing the script of a movie. If Purdy plays mistake-free and hits timely throws to continue drives, the 49ers will be in great shape to win it all.

It’s time to make a prediction. Give me 28-24, and the 49ers are back on top of the NFL.

How do you think Sunday ends? Do the Niners win by 3-6 or seven plus? Or do they lose by a possession or seven-plus?

The talk is about done. It’s time to finish the job.