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49ers Film Breakdown

How the 49ers adjusted to the Rams and shut them down for the rest of the game

Credit to Saleh for his willingness to take a risk

Taking a look at the red zone interception Jimmy Garoppolo threw

There were three things wrong on this play

Film room: How the 49ers defense can suffocate Jared Goff and the Rams offense

To beat the Rams, the 49ers should consider using a 6-1 front against the run and sending as much pressure at Jared Goff as possible.

Film room: How Kyle Shanahan dismantled the Browns

Kyle Shanahan put together another brilliant game plan designed to limit the Browns strengths.

Baldy Breakdowns on the 49ers DL: Watch them eat here. This was like an episode of Shark Week

Baldy Breakdowns are always enjoyable, and this time it’s four minutes of Nick Bosa

Film room: How the 49ers defense can stifle the Browns offense

The 49ers defense should use a variety of creeper pressures, wide defensive fronts, and disguised coverages to shutdown the Browns.

Film room: An early season review of defensive end Nick Bosa

While it hasn’t translated to sacks, yet, Nick Bosa’s presence along the defensive front cannot be understated.

49ers’ film room: San Francisco’s running attack leads the way for a top-five offense

With Kyle Shanahan’s play design and the 49ers’ offensive line’s protection, the running game continues to thrive

49ers vs Steelers defensive film review: Continued improvement a recipe for success

The 49ers’ defense had their best game of the season against Pittsburgh in testing circumstances

49ers Film Room: San Francisco’s passing game nearly flawless

If Kyle Shanahan continues to scheme like this, the 49ers may not lose another game.

49ers vs Bengals defensive review

The 49ers’ defense continued their impressive start to 2019 in Cincinnati, helped by Ronald Blair reminding us all of his quality

How the Steelers will create a gameplan against the 49ers in Week 3

A look at the 49ers Week 3 matchup from a Steelers point of view

Film room: The 49ers offense can, and should, create plenty of problems for the Steelers defense

Through a combination of crossing routes, attacking the seam, and speed on the edge, the 49ers offense can exploit key weaknesses in the Steelers defense

Baldy Breakdowns: The 49ers offensive explosion Week 2

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger loved what he saw

Film room: 49ers rely heavily on gap scheme and misdirection runs against Bengals aggressive defensive front

Shanahan mixes up the running game with heavy reliance on counter runs misdirection

Breaking down the box score: Everything was clicking for the 49ers on Sunday

Using EPA, success rate, and a few other stats that I charted to go as in-depth as it gets regarding the 49ers win over the Bengalsb

Film room: Jimmy Garoppolo’s struggles and various penalties stifle the 49ers offense in Tampa Bay

Rich goes in-depth on the 49ers offense from Week 1

The jury is still out on Jimmy Garoppolo

Alex is back with his weekly breakdown of Jimmy G

49ers defense vs Bucs film review: Witherspoon stands out and other notes

An impressive defensive performance took the 49ers to victory in Week 1 against Tampa Bay, with Ahkello Witherspoon standing out

Film room: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Jimmy Garoppolo part 3, mechanics

The final part where we discuss Jimmy G’s mechanics

Film room: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Jimmy Garoppolo part 2, the bad and ugly

Film room: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Jimmy Garoppolo part 1, the good

Breaking down Jimmy Garoppolo

Can Garoppolo mesh with Shanahan’s offensive system?

And lead the 49ers to the playoffs?

Dre Greenlaw’s upside and effort made Malcolm Smith expendable

The rookie LB has room to improve, but he’s already made a strong impression on the 49ers

Three things I liked and two things I didn’t like from the offense during the third preseason game

A couple of things to clean up, but there was plenty of good Saturday night

Brian Baldinger breaks down Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Chiefs

Baldy breakdown! Baldy Breakdown!

Preseason standouts: Kevin Givens makes a name for himself vs Denver

In the second week of preseason, UDFA DT Kevin Givens was a disruptive presence against the Denver Broncos

Watch George Kittle breakdown some of his biggest plays from his breakout season

Kittle joined Jaws and Brian Baldinger from NFL Network

Brian Baldinger breaks down Joe Staley

When Baldy Breakdowns concern the 49ers, we talk about them, period.

How Kyle Shanahan schemes downfield blocking

The Niners get a LOT of explosion plays in the run game. It’s not a fluke.

49ers revenge week: Avoiding self-inflicted wounds in 2019

The Vikings game was a perfect example of how the 49ers shot themselves in the foot when they were in the red zone

99 days until kickoff: What made Deforest Buckner a star in 2018