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49ers Front Office

49ers announce Personnel Department changes

Seven changes in all

49ers name Alex Chang Chief Marketing Officer

An accomplished marketing veteran, Chang joins the organization from Samsung Electronics America

That time Jed York punched a wall and nearly broke his wrist

Like uncle, like nephew.

The 49ers now have two Vice Presidents of Player Personnel

"Martin will handle the day-to-day and Adam will focus on big picture stuff."

49ers fire athletic trainer Jeff Ferguson

This is not a surprise in light of all the injuries the past two seasons.

Frank Gore is preparing himself for a potential NFL job after he retires

The 49ers, and really any of the other 31 NFL teams would be foolish not to talk to him the minute he retires (if not before!)

49ers make huge climb up ESPN ‘future’ power rankings

Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, winning five straight with him as the starter, and then extending him will do wonders for expectations.

John Lynch gets solid GM ranking, but how much can we assess?

He is building a great culture, but his partnership with Kyle Shanahan makes it difficult to assess him compared to his colleagues.

Larry Grant is back!

The former San Francisco 49ers linebacker re-joins the team through a scouting fellowship

Paraag Marathe talks with Mark Willard about all things 49ers

On Willard’s podcast "Ballers with Babies" Marathe elaborated on his contract negotiations with Richard Sherman and Jerick McKinnon, and what he learned from Bill Walsh.

Who are the 49ers front office burner accounts?

Agents vote 49ers best prepared for contract negotiations

Vidoe: Kyle Shanahan’s breakfast interview from the NFL annual meeting

There is a ton of information in this nearly one hour session with Shanahan from players to his experiences - timestamps included

Isn’t transparency nice?

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan aren’t afraid to tell the media and fans the truth. The Jim Harbaugh Trent Baalke Partnership? The less said the better.

John Lynch talks about analytics, previous regime’s lack of use

Free Agency vs the draft: Predicting the 49ers’ top selections

Who will the 49ers pick up, and where?

Paraag Marathe named ‘President of 49ers Enterprises’

Marathe will also continue in his role as the chief contract negotiator and salary cap ‘architect,’ the team announced.

49ers announce front office moves and promotions

John Lynch met with a small group of local media and announced a few front office promotions

Jed York offers some self-deprecation after Jimmy G press conference

Colts announce McDaniels hiring year-to-the-day after 49ers hired Shanahan

The 49ers reportedly had a lot of interest in McDaniels last year. There are plenty of what-ifs about the GM and quarterback if things had been different.

Panthers want to interview Martin Mayhew for GM job

It sounds like they already know who they want for the job.

One year ago today, the San Francisco 49ers hired John Lynch

Not too shabby.

John Lynch discussed the importance of pre-draft player interviews

"There are some things you can see in person that you can’t see on film" Lynch and staff will be taking advantage of every opportunity

Lynch: Adam Peters got Adrian Colbert on our radar

The 49ers found a gem in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

How soon for a 49ers front office member to land a GM job?

There are two candidates, and maybe soon to be a third

You better believe I’m thankful for John Lynch & Kyle Shanahan

They have brought honesty and competence to the organization. That’s a big first step in this rebuilding process.

Shanahan compared Garoppolo throwing style to Romo, Trubisky

This is the big QB decision for now.

Schefter: ‘Basically, the Patriots did the Niners a solid here, to be perfectly frank.’

Respect is a good thing.

Did the Dark Lord give John Lynch a trick or a treat on Halloween Eve?

Dealing with the Dark Lord is always frightening. Was this trade a trick or treat?

Scot McCloughan approves of Jimmy Garoppolo trade

The former 49ers GM has had positive things to say about Garoppolo.

Jed York: ‘Our bottom line has been hurt much more by bad coaching hires and decisions by me.’

Well, it’s a little bit of candor.

Why 49ers released Bowman instead of trading him

Considering why the 49ers released NaVorro Bowman instead of trading him.

49ers were close to landing Josh McDaniels, Nick Caserio duo

Things might just work out OK without them!

New 49er re-joining the GM who drafted him

The 49ers acquired a player familiar with one of their front office executives.

Lynch: Now is when teams start talking preseason trades

Maybe joint practices set something up sooner rather than later.

Tim Brown with 49ers leaking dig on Ballers

Hopefully these jokes will soon be a thing of the past.


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