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49ers Front Office

Check out the hand towels in John Lynch’s executive wash room

Life’s pretty good.

Lynch, Shanahan talked about player evalution process

Without live hitting in training camp and only one cut to get to the 53, GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan discuss how they will evaluate players

John Dorsey out as Chiefs GM

All sorts of craziness in June!

49ers announce front office promotions

The team is retaining a lot of its own front office talent under the new leadership

Lynch/Shanahan hirings ranked 3rd best offseason move

While we cannot know what the free agent and draft acquisitions will do, having some semblance of stability is an important step.

Revisiting a top offseason priority for 49ers

John Lynch has done a good job surrounding himself with talent.

Lynch, Dumervil have some history

The 49ers have added a lot of players that have history with the coach or GM. Some is purposeful, some could be coincidental.

Marathe on aggressiveness vs. flexibility in free agency

The 49ers made quite a few moves in free agency, but Paraag Marathe thinks they remain in position to be aggressive in the future.

49ers have been high on Foster since January

John Lynch loved him this year, and Adam Peters has loved him dating back to last year.

Barnwell NFC West grades question 49ers FA dollars

The 49ers process made a lot of sense, but questions remain.

A different personnel philosophy for the 49ers

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are bringing a new approach to scheme and player acquisition.

One ranking has 49ers front office performance second

There are a lot of unknowns, but the 49ers process seems on point.

Shanahan talked with Rich Eisen about Lynch connection

The 49ers head coach and GM seem to have a unique story to tell

Ran Carthon talked pro personnel work, 2017 NFL draft

The 49ers new Director of Pro Personnel had a chance to talk scouting with the Moving The Sticks podcast in early May.

49ers name Ran Carthon director of pro personnel

The 49ers make their third notable front office hiring since John Lynch came on board. Here’s a look at Ran Carthon’s role with the team.

Lynch remains on-message with Shanahan about Beathard

The 49ers GM has the same message of optimism about C.J. Beathard.

49ers have post-draft front office shakeup

49ers organizational purge not limited to the roster.

Jed York dishes on all things 49ers on GMFB

York talked about everything from the crazy first round to his friendship with Frank Gore

Shanahan, Lynch exemplify symbiosis in the draft

After a history of dysfunctional relationships between the coaching staff and front office, the 49ers seem to have made a perfect match

Has the ninja returned?

Is Lynch worthy of the title "draft ninja"?

Lynch already proving others wrong

A tweet from Mike Freeman says it all.

How do you feel about Lynch’s first big trade and Thomas?

Did Lynch fleece the Bears? And how do you feel about his pick?

Running back, secondary, defensive line: Where do the 49ers go if they stay at No. 2?

If San Francisco has to stand pat, there are tough choices to be made.

BREAKING: Baalke didn’t do well over last 5 drafts

I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

Rotoworld GM rankings include thoughts on new GMs

Their intro of John Lynch cracked me up.

When do you start forgiving the Yorks, including Jed?

It really has been a free agency frenzy in Santa Clara - what has changed?

49ers might like Morocco Brown for role

The 49ers might not add anybody to the front office until after the draft, but they have at least one option in mind.

Free agents connected to 49ers coaches

We have no idea what the front office/coaching staff is planning, but maybe these players can give us some sort of idea.

How long will the 49ers rebuilding process take?

The 49ers have a lot of work in front of them, and Gil Brandt broke down how long it might take.

The new era of 49ers free agency

The new regime has arrived and they have already set a new standard for free agency activity

49ers scouting director leaves for Packers job

The 49ers front office turnover continues.

Report: No offset language in Shanahan, Lynch contracts

The 49ers are putting their money where their mouth is with these two.

Marathe on his role in the booth

That interview with Matt Maiocco sheds some light on a few things. Here’s another: Just what exactly is he doing in the booth? And are coaches expected to take his advice?

Tom Gamble leaving 49ers organization

The decision is not entirely surprising following the hiring of John Lynch.

Paraag Marathe discusses 49ers GM/HC hiring process

The 49ers longest-tenured football operations employee chatted with Matt Maiocco recently. Here are some of his thoughts on how the 49ers hiring process went.

Interesting anecdotes show a solid start to relationship

The 49ers new GM and coach seem to be working well together. It’s only been a couple weeks, but it is a step in the right direction.


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