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49ers Grades

Mel Kiper gives 49ers a B- grade for 2019 draft

His reasoning is quite sound. No, really.

How do you grade the 49ers 2019 draft class?

The 49ers walked away with nine players in the 2018 NFL Draft. Reactions are mixed for now.

Mixed reactions in draft grade for 49ers day 2 selections

The 49ers addressed the wide receiver position in a big way.

49ers get straight A’s for the Nick Bosa pick

Not a single surprise at this point.

Grading the 49ers defensive players at the halfway point of 2018

With the 49ers at 1-7 as we hit the halfway mark at the season, we grade the performances of the 49ers’ defensive starters and several key role players.

Grading the 49ers offensive players at the halfway point of 2018

With the 49ers at 1-7 as we hit the halfway mark at the season, we grade the performances of the 49ers’ offensive starters and several key role players

PFF’s best and worst 49ers through two preseason games


ESPN offseason grades miss the point on Daniel Kilgore sign & trade

The 49ers offseason had some question marks, but I actually don’t see this move as one of them.

49ers get solid grade for UDFA haul

The 49ers have fewer roster spots open than a year ago.

Looking back on the 49ers draft graders

It takes 3 years to tell if a draft worked. So let’s do that to the critics.

A full rundown of grades following the 2018 NFL Draft

Time to react before the body is even cold!

Experts tend to agree: 49ers had about a ‘B’ draft

The 49ers graded out pretty well in the 2018 NFL Draft, even if a lot of fans aren’t happy.

Mel Kiper draft grade bumps 49ers based on Jimmy Garoppolo trade

He sees some positives, but one has to wonder what the grade would be if he did not factor in the Jimmy G trade.

How do you grade the 49ers 2018 draft class?

The 49ers walked away with nine players in the 2018 NFL Draft. Reactions are mixed for now.

49ers get more ‘B’s after NFL Draft’s Day 2

Most experts seem to think the 49ers are in the B range when it comes to grading out the second day of the NFL Draft.

49ers get a lot of ‘B’s for the McGlinchey pick

More than expected, I suppose!

With Ray-Ray Armstrong grading well again PFF, what happens when Reuben Foster returns?

Things are getting interesting in 49ers linebacker depth chart.

49ers deserve an A for 2017 Supplemental Draft performance

Please offer an explanation for your own choice of grade.

ESPN gets NFL insider input for offseason grades

The 49ers get a lower grade than expected, and yet given the opinions proffered, it’s not entirely surprising.

Barnwell NFC West grades question 49ers FA dollars

The 49ers process made a lot of sense, but questions remain.

49ers slip a grade in SI re-grade of 2014 NFL draft

How many of the remaining members of this class will be around in 2018?

2017 NFL draft grades: A complete look across the league

We’ve got NFL Draft grades for all 32 teams

Mel Kiper gives 49ers a strong grade

The coiffed one is back with his draft grades to wrap things up for ESPN.

49ers get mixed results on 3rd and final day

I think John Lynch put together a good draft. Not everyone agrees after Day 3.

Solid performance gets mostly good grades for 49ers

How would you grade the 49ers draft haul?

Day 2 draft grades offer mixed reviews for 49ers

John Lynch has made some good moves. And now, according to the experts, he’s made a questionable one as well.

NFL Draft 2017 grades: 49ers, Lynch get unanimous praise

The 49ers got two great players and some nice draft picks on top of that. Experts took notice.

49ers getting strong grades in early returns

Grades are coming in, and time for you to grade the 49ers haul.

Mel Kiper re-grades 2016 NFL Draft

The 49ers got some solid contributions from the 2016 draft class, but numerous questions remain.

How do you grade 49ers 18 offseason transactions?

The San Francisco 49ers made 15 transactions this offseason, including 12 unrestricted free agent signings, one trade, and two returning free agents. Time to grade them on a scale of 1-to-10.

Bucky Brooks gives 49ers 2016 draft class solid grade

DeForest Buckner headlines a group that Brooks identified as a potential foundation for the future.

Folks are excited about the Shanahan hiring

People are just a little bit excited.

Rating the John Lynch hiring 72 hours later

We have given the hiring three days to marinate. We’ve heard from Lynch, and he made his first hire. What do you think?

Of course there can be rookie grades after 1 preseason game

The NFL made it through one week of preseason action. Rookies got their first playing time, and Bucky Brooks broke down the play of one notable rookie for each team.

Tank, Ray-Ray among defensive standouts

The San Francisco 49ers got some solid performances from their defensive reserves. We take a look at some PFF grading.

49ers get F+ from Shutdown Corner

The San Francisco 49ers signed Zane Beadles, and not much else this offseason. It is no surprise then that the team is getting poor offseason grades.


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