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David Akers injury update: 49ers kicker dealing with complications from sports hernia surgery

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We take a look at the news that David Akers is dealing with complications from sports hernia surgery.


The 49ers wrapped up their first practice of the bye week and had player availability for the media. David Akers and Billy Cundiff began their competition, and in the post-game media session, Akers had an interesting revelation:

I don't know a lot about sports medicine, but complications from any kind of surgery can't be good. Earlier this season there were some comments about Akers dealing with a pelvis injury. My guess is that this is related, but as with many 49ers injuries, we won't know for certain any time soon.

What I wonder in light of this news is really how this has affected him mentally. According to beat writer tweets this past Sunday, Akers was getting visibly frustrated with his misses. That's obviously not shocking, but the misses also are not a new thing. Akers' performance has gotten worse in recent weeks, but he has been very inconsistent all season long.

It sounds like day one of the competition went to Cundiff:

Practice is just a little bit different than coming in during a playoff game, so I don't think any of us will be getting ahead of ourselves any time soon. At the same time, given this injury revelation, I suspect Billy Cundiff will likely claim the job heading into next week.

Fooch's Update: Mindi Bach added something extra: