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49ers press conferences & interviews

Arik Armstead promises to continue talking about social injustices throughout the season

"How can we stop spreading hate and start spreading love in a society where everything is divided?"

49ers’ Jerick McKinnon: ‘There’s something special about this organization’

Jet is finally healthy and ready to show what he can do on the field.

Lynch: Jimmy brings a little bit of a linebacker approach to the position

The 49ers GM spoke to the media after practice Saturday

Shanahan on Aiyuk: He’s further ahead than a lot of rookies would be at this time

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media after Sunday’s practice

Juszczyk says Garoppolo not wearing a knee brace this year will be a huge advantage

The 49ers fullback also spoke about versatility, Jerick McKinnon, and much more

Armstead: The sky is the limit for Bosa

Armstead also talked about how the 49ers are working on improving their run defense in 2020

McGlinchey believes versatility will be key for the 49ers offensive line this season

The 49ers right tackle also noted that Daniel Brunskill and Tom Compton are rotating at right guard with the starters

Shanahan: Trent is similar to Joe. They’re the two most athletic guys that I have ever been around

Kyle also talked about Williams’ contract situation

Lynch: I think we’re open to trading. We’re prepared for all scenarios

The 49ers GM made it clear to put that out there on Monday

Shanahan explains his decision to not call a timeout at the end of the first half in Super Bowl LIV

The 49ers head coach and John Lynch spoke one last time

Dee Ford: I’m not who I am without great teammates

Ford was a great interview on Tuessday

Kittle on Mathieu: He’s incredible. Just watching him on film, the things that he does, it’s really just fun to watch.

The 49ers tight end addressed the media

Saleh on the Chiefs: “They’re the fastest team by far. To try to compare it to another team would not do them justice

The 49ers DC met with the media Thursday

Shanahan discusses how it is a dream come true to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl

The 49ers head coach met with the media Monday afternoon

“If Jimmy’s struggling or if he’s balling, our guys would do anything for Jimmy”

Shanahan spoke to the media Friday

Emmanuel Sanders explains why Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t get the credit he deserves

Sanders spoke to the media at length and provided some great answers.

Shanahan on Rodgers: There’s probably not anyone on the planet that throws better than him

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media on Wednesday

Jimmy G spoke about a hit to his lower left leg early in the Vikings game and how he dealt with the pain

The 49ers QB met with the media Wedensday

Shanahan said neither Tartt, Alexander, or Ford would have been available last week

The bye week did wonders for the 49ers in so many ways.

Shanahan has seen Garoppolo perform in playoff-type situations, so he’s not worried about Jimmy G’s first playoff start

Shanahan acknowledged that it’s not just on Jimmy

Saleh on Cousins: He’s worth every penny they pay him

Saleh spoke to the media after Wednesday’s practice

Vikings HC Mike Zimmer on Garoppolo: He’s doing great. He’s been really effective and he’s taking care of the football

Minnesota’s head coach spoke to the media early Tuesday morning to discuss the upcoming matchup between the 49ers

Shanahan on what his reaction was when Seattle signed Lynch: Not much

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media before Tuesday’s practice

Shanahan gives Witherspoon his vote of confidence: I know he’ll come out firing next week and be ready to redeem himself

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media late Sunday afternoon

Jimmy G on the 3rd & 16: It was the exact situation we were looking for

The 49ers quarterback spoke with the media after Saturday’s game

McVay on when Kittle has the ball: Good luck getting him down

The Rams head coach previewed the 49ers on a recent conference call

Shanahan on Samuel: I have been extremely impressed with Deebo this year

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media after Sunday’s practice.

Saleh on Jimmie Ward: He’s been playing fantastic. He’s one of the best cover guys in football

The 49ers DC spoke to the media after Wednesday’s practice

Shanahan on the 49ers putting in a waiver claim for Suggs: We thought he could help us

Both he and Jimmy Garoppolo spoke to the media Tuesday

Shanahan and Garoppolo discuss the lack of involvement from the wideouts on Sunday

Nine targets for the wide receivers compared to 17 for Kittle

“It’s one game. We’re going to bounce back. We’re going to get better from this.”

Some quotes from the 49ers players after Sunday’s loss

Shanahan discusses the possibility of Sunday being a trap game

The 49ers head coach spoke to the media after Friday’s practice

Saleh on Bosa: I’ve never seen a rookie get more attention than he’s getting

The 49ers DC met with the media after Thursday’s practice

Shanahan on what’s led to Garoppolo’s strides: He’s eliminated some of the turnovers

The 49ers HC met with the media before Wednesday’s practice

McGlinchey on Kittle: He’s the best in the world

Some postgame quotes from the 49ers players

Shanahan rested Armstead Thursday due to how much he played against the Ravens

The 49ers HC met with the media briefly after Friday’s practice