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49ers Stadium

Report: 49ers not expected to waive territorial rights for Raiders

Mark Davis has created a mess.

National title game shows Levi’s Stadium can be a fun atmosphere

The 49ers need to win some games, but if they do, the stadium could make for a fun Sunday.

Levi’s Stadium still has grass/turf issues

Almost five years and it still is more akin to a hockey rink.

Levi’s Stadium could host 2026 World Cup match

NFL awards 2023, 2024 Super Bowls, 49ers expected to bid on 2025, 2026

49ers dominated TOP thanks to third down work

This was critical to getting the victory.

NFL contacted 49ers about using Levi’s Stadium for Raiders-Chargers

The NFL has a decision to make soon.

49ers are talking to an architecture firm

At some point they have to address the problem of too much sun on the east side of the stadium.

Levi’s Stadium gets a little fancy with their new food offerings

Not only is there a new look to the stadium, there’s a new taste, a lot of them actually!

On and off the field at the 49ers open practice

I made the trek down to Santa Clara. Here’s what I saw.

49ers will add Ring of Honor to Levi’s Stadium

The franchise took fan input seriously and in response, will bring back the Ring of Honor

Oakland looking at ways to evict Raiders early

It opens the door for an amusing but unlikely scenario.

Could Raiders end up at Levi’s, even briefly?

It might take some time, but given how the Las Vegas situation is unraveling, nothing would surprise me.

49ers freeze season ticket prices for 2017, 2018

It’s a step in the right direction toward acknowledging fault with how bad things have been since Levi’s Stadium opened. Not enough, but it’s something, I suppose.

New survey asks 49ers fans opinion of front office, ownership

There’s some good, some bad, some amusing in this survey.

49ers lawsuit against Santa Clara Stadium Authority

The 49ers are seeking declaratory relief regarding their issues with Santa Clara.

49ers suing Santa Clara for declaratory relief


Levi’s Stadium rolls out upper deck tarps for Foster Farms Bowl

It is only for the bowl game, but it is still something to ponder.

Levi’s Stadium has issue with inconsistent sign enforcement

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy against Colin Kaepernick. It’s just poor work by the stadium staff.

49ers, City Council relationship continues to deteriorate

Yea, this has not gotten any better.

49ers release statement regarding mayor threats

The back-and-forth continues between the 49ers and Santa Clara mayor Lisa Gillmor.

3 allegedly 49ers-backed council candidates lose

Maybe now that the election is over, the two sides can do actual work to improve their relationship.

Will 49ers ever have decent home field advantage?

Levi’s Stadium is likely to never represent a truly great home field advantage. There are plenty of quality amenities, including an awesome museum, but for football watching, it’s just another facility.

49ers submit requested documents to auditor

We’ve got some dryyyyyyyyy audit talk for you.

49ers admonish Santa Clara mayor

The back and forth continues.

Group claims 49ers laundering campaign contributions

If the Yorks, 49ers are involved in this, it’s good business thanks to a broken system.

Huge development going in next to Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium can bring some money into the local economy, but this kind of development project is where the real money is at.

Giants joining 49ers with own city squabbles

The San Francisco Giants are looking to have their property tax re-assessed, as is their legal right. This comes as the San Francisco 49ers are working to decrease their rent. Good times for Bay Area sports!

First look at the issue of the 49ers rent

This is a slightly convoluted topic, but here are some initial thoughts. I'm working on getting more details.

Levi's Stadium not an option Raiders

Levi's Stadium wins Facility of the Year award

Now soccer kids are pissed at Jed

Candlestick coming down for redevelopment project

Will we hear some better crowd noise on Sunday?

The San Francisco 49ers are experiencing all sorts of firsts at Levi's Stadium. Figuring out crowd noise at a new stadium is going to be something to watch over the first season.

Time-lapse video of Levi's Stadium construction

Let's get loud 49ers fans!

The crowd noise at Levi's Stadium has been a question ever since the 49ers decided to break ground in Santa Clara. We share some thoughts on the crowd noise, the reasons it lacked and how it will get louder going forward.