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49ers Stadium

49ers launch social media campaign for new stadium

49ers install grass at stadium (video, pictures)

The San Francisco 49ers have begun installing grass in their new stadium. We check out some videos and pictures from the first day.

Featured Fanshot

The grass is going in at Levi's Stadium

Photo tour of Levi's Stadium

I had a chance to tour Levi's Stadium on Monday. Here are some pictures from the event.

49ers preseason provides some value to STHs

The NFL announced it will release the 2014 preseason schedule Wednesday afternoon. 49ers season ticket holders can actually make some money on this year's preseason!

Vine around Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl L set for February 7, 2016

The NFL officially announced the date for Super Bowl 50, which will take place at Levi's Stadium.

A look at new Levi's Stadium fan rules

The Santa Clara City Council approved a set of rules for fan behavior in and around Levi's Stadium. Some of the rules make sense, and some are going to be problematic in enforcement.

Public transit development to Levi's continues

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is upgrading facilities around the 49ers new stadium. We break down some of the latest details.

Pictures, video from Levi's Stadium media tour

The 49ers took media on a guided tour of Levi's Stadium. We take a look at some pictures, and what's what at the new stadium.

Levi's could be looking at Week 2 opener

We have an update on the 49ers potential home opener being pushed back to Week 2.

Hey, no more stadium troughs!

We've got a link to more pictures from the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara. Check out all sorts of shots of Levi's stadium.

Weeknight prime time games back on the table soon?

The 49ers might have solved their parking problems. We break down the details.

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Tell us about your first trip to The Stick

49ers add Intel as Levi's Stadium Founding Partner

The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to terms on one more Founding Partner, adding Intel as their preferred technology provider. We break down the details.

NN brick update - on to the third!

We're working toward a third brick!

We've got funds for two bricks. One is set, but now we need an inscription for the second.

Help Niners Nation buy a brick at Levi's Stadium

Aerial video of Levi's Stadium

More on the 49ers stadium technology

Candlestick Park seats now for sale

Candlestick Park is going to be imploded after the 2013 season, but not before you can take home your very own seats...for a price. We've got details.

The 49ers new stadium could bring serious revenue

The 49ers new stadium is expected to provide new revenues for the franchise. Turns out those new revenues could be pretty damn high.

Madden 25 to feature Levi's Stadium

Madden 25 features an intriguing feature. If you play with the 49ers in franchise mode, you get the chance to move into the team's new stadium in Santa Clara.

New Stadium is directly below SJC flight path

Jets, and not the ones of New York fame, could have an impact at 49er home games

49ers go with throwback field logos at The Stick

The 49ers roll out throwback logos for their final season at Candlestick Park. We take a look at what they will use in the end zone and at the 50-yard line

What music should the 49ers be playing at games?

The 49ers are looking for ideas for what music would work at different points in a game. What are your thoughts?

It's brick time!

The 49ers are making bricks available for purchase and inscription. Should we get one for NN?

A few details on the Levi's Stadium video displays

Breaking down some of the details of the 49ers deal with Daktronics for the scoreboard and other displays at Levi's Stadium.

49ers climb over 80% capacity sold

Business is booming for the 49ers as they continue selling tickets at a rapid pace. We take a look at where they stand in sales, as well as on stadium costs.

Vine from Levi's Stadium

The 49ers released five Vine videos of the inside of Levi's Stadium. Take a look!

Whoever Yahoo! is, maybe he should come call plays

The 49ers announced a new Founding Partner for their stadium. Yahoo! joins the crowd.

York, Yu talk technology, scouting, stadium

49ers CEO Jed York and President Gideon Yu sat down with SAP to discuss how technology is impacting the 49ers. It led to an intriguing discussion across various aspects of the team's operations.

Worker killed at 49ers stadium construction site

A worker was killed at the site of the 49ers new stadium. Reports are slowly emerging. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Jed York talks Levi's Stadium technology

49ers CEO Jed York sat down with the CEO of Sony on a technology show to discuss the technology we will see in the 49ers new Levi's Stadium.

Will they really call it the Field of Jeans?

Levi Strauss has submitted an application for a pair of trademarks related to Levi's Stadium. Why not dust off the trademark application process for y'all!

Time lapse video of 49ers stadium construction

A look at a time lapse video of the 49ers stadium construction.