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49ers vs. Jets game week: Everything you need to know

Top 5 PFF grades on offense: Reed, Garoppolo, and McKinnon lead the way

It was against the Jets, but the 49ers bounced back on both sides of the ball

49ers blow out the Jets 31-13, but it comes at a costly price

The win doesn’t feel like a "win" after all of the injuries today

Five questions on the 49ers/Jets matchup: Becton vs. Bosa will be a top-flight matchup

Previewing today’s game with Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News

Predict the 49ers’ first offensive play, tackle, and touchdown versus the Jets

Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown?

What are the Jets coaches saying about the 49ers defense?

A collection of quotes from the Jets coaches on the 49ers defense from this past week

49ers offense crash-lands in Jets debacle

After a 14-0 start our 49ers fall back to earth in usual fashion

Bringing in some film breakdown via video

Breaking down the 49ers 6 sacks of Bryce Petty

The 49ers lost to the Jets ... but we’re not going to think about that. No, we’re just going to watch the sacks. Over and over and over again.

Breaking down 49ers sacks allowed

The 49ers only allowed two sacks against the Jets, but they were pretty bad sacks. We take a look at both of them.

Eli Harold says 49ers are sticking together

After all of the losses and adversity, Harold and other players claim the team is staying close

Buckner nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week

The 49ers rookie defensive tackle is coming off his best game of the year. DC Jim O’Neil talked about it as Buckner is now up for a rookie of the week award.

“I’m not a dirty player” - Jimmie Ward

Ward talks about playing until the whistle and the team needing to finish

Kelly: ‘I think you just have to stand up and fight again.’

The 49ers head coach met with the media on Monday to discuss the team’s loss to the Jets. We’ve got a transcript, courtesy of 49ers PR.

Hyde got most of his Week 14 yards before contact

The 49ers running back had a career day against the New York Jets. He spoke about the performance after the game.

Phil Dawson talked about his two rare misses

Shortly after hitting his 400th career field goal, Dawson missed a two in a row - he spoke about what happened

DeForest Buckner continues his sizable workload

We break down the 49ers defensive snap count following Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets.

The 49ers ruined this man’s Christmas

Excellent choice of 49ers Christmas apparel.

Kap on poor execution, 49ers psyche, inability to finish

The 49ers quarterback met with the media following Sunday’s loss to the Jets. We’ve got a full transcript, courtesy of 49ers PR. Watch video here.

Injuries ravage 49ers offense vs. Jets

We break down the offensive snap count in a game that saw the 49ers swapping players all over the place.

Kelly on play-calling, 4th down decision, injuries

The 49ers head coach met with the media following another embarrassing loss. We’ve got a full transcript, courtesy of 49ers PR.

Winner & Losers from 49ers-Jets

The 49ers somehow threw away another lead after coming out with a fast start, and we have another set of winners and losers

Golden Nuggets: 49ers are a train wreck

San Francisco 49ers links for December 12, 2016.

Welcome to Levi’s Stadium

Marquette King enjoyed Sunday off by going to 49ers-Jets

Willis foghorn return just reminds us of better days

It’s cool seeing former players at games, but this soon after Willis’ retirement, and it just makes me realize how crappy this team is right now.

Bowles, Williams: No notable adjustments in 2nd half

They actually did make adjustments, but maybe technically it was not at halftime.

Chip Kelly takes the blame for conservative play-calling

The players discussed their own lack of execution, but either way, a loss is a loss is a loss.

Embarrassing overtime loss is the Week 14 cherry on top

We break down another embarrassing loss.

49ers-Jets fourth quarter score updates

Torrey Smith leaves 49ers-Jets game with concussion

McDonald ruled out with shoulder injury

This comes two days after his big contract extension.

49ers-Jets third quarter score updates

Hyde surpassed 100 rushing yards for 3rd time in career

It’s been a strong opening half of Week 14 for Carlos Hyde.

Matt Forte ruled out for Jets with knee injury

Bilal Powell replaces Forte in the Jets backfield.

Kilgore ruled out with leg injury

We break up the latest news about the 49ers injured offensive line.

49ers-Jets second quarter score updates


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