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49ers vs. Packers game week: Everything you need to know

5 questions with Acme Packing Co.: The Packers are somehow worse than the 49ers on special teams

Plus, a score prediction.

How the 49ers can beat the Packers: The Niners hold the biggest mismatch in the game

Plus, the Packers’ late season schedule bodes well for San Francisco

49ers-Packers snap counts: Josh Norman has two bruised lungs

What to expect in tonight’s 49ers/Packers game: Will the pass rush come alive for the Niners?

Which version of Nick Mullens will we see?

Packers WR: I’m still kind of salty about it. A lot of us really had it set in stone that we were going to Miami

Also, congrats to the Goodwin family!

Five takeaways from the 49ers win over the Packers

Despite the score, there was a lot to takeaway from this game

Packers fans tried to spin the inevitable leading up to the NFC Championship


Winners and losers from the 49ers NFC Championship victory over the Packers

Nothing bad to say about the Niners

49ers vs. Packers NFC Championship: Final Score: Despite small second-half surge, San Francisco crushes Green Bay 37-20, 49ers are going to the Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers host the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship game and a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Find information here on the 49ers-Packers game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

49ers and Raheem Mostert surf past the Packers and are HEADED TO THE SUPER BOWL

Geeeeeezzzz. Wire-to-wire. Dominance, with some usual scares in between.

49ers-Packers: NFC Championship 4th quarter thread

49ers. Packers. NFC Championship with the Super Bowl on the line. Let’s do this.

49ers-Packers: NFC Championship 3rd quarter thread

49ers. Packers. NFC Championship with the Super Bowl on the line. Let’s do this.

49ers-Packers: NFC Championship 2nd quarter thread

49ers. Packers. NFC Championship with the Super Bowl on the line. Let’s do this.

49ers-Packers: NFC Championship 1st quarter thread

49ers. Packers. NFC Championship. Let’s do this.

The 49ers, the Packers, and the rivalry

Let’s go back, all the way back.

Death by a thousand cuts could be the story for the Packers defense

Jason joins us once more

Five 49ers to watch against the Packers

These players will serve key roles during the NFC Championship

Predict the 49ers’ first offensive play, tackle, and touchdown vs. Packers

Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown?

Steve Young shares his thoughts on the NFC Championship

He thinks Aaron Rodgers needs to get mobile or it’s going to be a long day.

Scarlett Jimmies, NFC Championship edition: The 49ers team speed will be the difference

Justis Mosqueda of Optimum Scouting joins us today to talk Packers/49ers.

49ers-Packers won’t be determined by the skill players — it will be won in the trenches

Aaron Rodgers. Jimmy Garoppolo. George Kittle. Davante Adams. While those are the big names, the NFC Championship will be decided in the trenches.

The 49ers have a lot of, if not more, advantages in this game than they did last week and in Week 12

Previewing what we can expect to see from the 49ers defense against Aaron Rodgers

Where has Green Bay improved the most since Week 12?

Jason from Acme Packing joins me to discuss some of the Packers strengths

Shanahan vs. Pettine: When Kyle knows your weakness, you’re in trouble

Previewing where the 49ers can take advantage of the Packers defense, and why history once again favors San Francisco

Why the NFC Championship will be more competitive than Week 12

Shanahan is doing everything to keep his players focused. Green Bay made a ton of mistakes...

First look: Two key additions that make this Packers/49ers matchup different

After blowing out the Packers 37-8 in November, the Niners are set for a rematch to take the NFC crown, this time with a fully loaded pass-rush & better protection for Jimmy G.

What storyline are you already sick of leading up to the NFC Championship?

"The 49ers passed on Aaron Rodgers" is already exhausting

49ers open up as 7-point favorites over the Packers

Watching both games this weekend, it makes sense

Five takeaways from the 49ers’ statement win over the Packers

What we learned from San Francisco’s impressive win over Green Bay.

“The 49ers defense is setting the example of what an elite defense looks like”

Brian Baldinger broke down Sunday night’s game, and he’s great as always

PFF grades and snap counts: Warner and Ward lead the way for the defense

25 pressures on the night from the defense.

How Fred Warner is developing into one of the NFL’s best linebackers and helped shut down Green Bay’s offense

Without LB Kwon Alexander, Fred Warner has had to taken a more prominent role — and has responded by playing the best football of his career.

Richard Sherman gives high praise to Jimmy Garoppolo

The bar gets raised every week for a quarterback having his first full-season starting.

So, what’s your argument now?

They just went on prime time an embarassed a good team. Don’t bother trying to worm out of this one.

49ers have their first victory of the gauntlet, today was a good day

Stop making excuses. The 49ers are here to take it all.

49ers force Green Bay to pack it up early in 37-8 beat down

What a game. Remember, the Packers were coming off a bye week