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49ers vs. Steelers game week: Everything you need to know

49ers vs. Steelers Photo Gallery: Part two

Ricky is back for another round!

49ers’ film room: San Francisco’s running attack leads the way for a top-five offense

With Kyle Shanahan’s play design and the 49ers’ offensive line’s protection, the running game continues to thrive

49ers vs Steelers defensive film review: Continued improvement a recipe for success

The 49ers’ defense had their best game of the season against Pittsburgh in testing circumstances

Film room: Breaking down the 49ers three touchdown drives

It wasn’t pretty, but the 49ers scored three touchdowns in the second half to go up 3-0. Here’s how.

The 49ers defense is playing at an elite level

Reviewing the Steelers game, and how the 49ers defense deserves more credit

Stock report after the 49ers’ Week 3 win over the Steelers

Who’s up and who’s down after Sunday’s win over Pittsburgh.

49ers vs. Steelers: Photo Gallery from Sunday’s game

Ricky is back with over 300 pictures

6 winners and 3 losers from the 49ers win over the Steelers

Even though the win was ugly, there were some very good performances on Sunday

PFF grades from the 49ers offense from the win over the Steelers

Nice to see you, Dante

Jimmy Garoppolo: Stats lie, tape doesn’t

The numbers may say otherwise, but he showed up where it mattered.

The 49ers have already matched their takeaways from the 2018 season

Thru three games

49ers snap counts vs. the Steelers: Keep Juice in the game

Too many snaps for Buck, just right for Kittle.

What the 49ers were saying after their win over the Steelers

The top quotes from the 49ers postgame press conference

Sherman: “[Jimmy Garoppolo] likes getting hit”

Some people like it, some don’t.

5 takeaways from the 49ers’ win over the Steelers

What we learned from San Francisco’s third win of the season.

Kyle Shanahan on Dante Pettis: He earned it

What a game. Who gets the game ball?

49ers vs. Steelers: Week 3: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, announcers, depth chart

The San Francisco 49ers hold their home opener this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers . Find information here on the 49ers-Steelers game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

Steelers vs. 49ers injury report: Dee Ford is active

The final injury report is here before kickoff

Predict the 49ers’ first offensive play, tackle, and touchdown vs. Steelers

Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown?

Identifying the X-Factors for the 49ers in Week 3 vs. the Steelers

Vance McDonald...revenge game? We also discuss players on each team nobody is talking about, as well as give a score prediction.

Steelers vs. 49ers: Will the 49ers wide receivers win against man coverage?

The offensive line against the Steelers pass rush will be the best matchup to date for the 49ers

Four matchups to watch for the 49ers home opener

Tackling JuJu, and keeping Watt at bay will be big.

Steelers vs. 49ers, who wins and why?

The 49ers haven’t been this big of a favorite in a game since 2014. The Niners Nation staff predicts the the score for Sunday’s game

Friday’s injury report: Dee Ford “not quite there yet”

Ford is expected to be a game-time decision

NN Mailbag: Maintaining momentum, Ramsey trade talk, losing Staley, Steelers projections and more

Addressing your 49ers comments, questions and concerns before the 49ers take on the Steelers in Week 3.

Film room: The 49ers offense can, and should, create plenty of problems for the Steelers defense

Through a combination of crossing routes, attacking the seam, and speed on the edge, the 49ers offense can exploit key weaknesses in the Steelers defense

Steelers vs. 49ers: How will the 49ers defense attack Mason Rudolph?

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure.

Saleh on if Jimmie Ward will play in the slot: We’ll cross that bridge when we get there

The 49ers DC also challenged fans to be loud on Sunday

If you could have one player on the Steelers roster, who would it be?

They have plenty of options

Five 49ers to watch against the Steelers

Five players to keep an eye on when the 49ers return to Levi’s Stadium to face the Steelers.

Tomlin on the 49ers: They’re getting turnovers and scoring points. Boy, that makes you a tough outfit to beat


McGaughey talks Pinion, White development

The San Francisco 49ers special teams coach met with the media earlier this week to discuss the state of the unit. With Bradley Pinion and DeAndrew White having some hiccups in Week 2, there is plenty to learn. We've got a full transcript.

Kap working on his hard count

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback is developing a valuable weapon in his arsenal. The question now is if the 49ers passing game can take advantage of it.

Week 2 NN FanDuel winner faded the 49ers

49ers defense dealing with Mangini learning curve

The San Francisco 49ers defense has some work to do if they are going to effectively implement Eric Mangini's defensive vision. We break down one of the potential issues from Week 2.

9 things from 49ers-Steelers

Tomsula's challenges, red zone woes, and RPOs. Here are 9 things I liked and didn't like from the San Francisco 49ers' loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2.


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