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Andrew Pasquini writers about the 49ers for Niners Nation and has covered the NFL for the past six years.

Confidence check, Week 11: Now that’s the defensive line that we remember

But we’re a bit concerned with the other side of the ball in the trenches

Broncos vs. Bills Monday Night thread: Another Russell Wilson primetime game

It’s Sean Payton against Sean McDermott tonight

4 winners and 2 losers from the 49ers convincing victory over the Jaguars

Some well-deserved love for Steve Wilks

3 Numbers to know in Jaguars/49ers: Jacksonville thrives off stopping the run

They’ve also excelled at taking the ball away

Circling back to the preseason 5 bold-ish takes: We were wrong about the secondary

There were a couple other lukewarm takes that we were correct about

Chargers vs Jets Monday Night Football Thread: Rooting for Robert Saleh

It’s Zach Wilson and the Jets versus Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers

Steelers vs. Titans Thursday night thread: The perfect time to do watch something else

It’s Kenny Pickett against Will Levis

3 winners and 3 losers from the 49ers’ first home loss of the season against the Bengals

There were plenty of positive performances to highlight, including Arik Armstead

8 trade deadline options for the 49ers - in tiers of Candy

In the spirit of Halloween, Andrew broke down eight players that the 49ers could potentially trade for and compared them to candy.

49ers vs. Bengals numbers to know: Sacking Joe Burrow has been a challenge this year

It could be another long outing for Colton McKivitz