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Andrew Pasquini writers about the 49ers for Niners Nation and has covered the NFL for the past six years.

3 winners and 2 losers from the 49ers win over the Cardinals

There were some close calls on the injury front

49ers-Cardinals numbers to know: Sunday features the 2 leading WRs in rushing yards

It also has the NFC West touchdown leader since 2021

6 Winners and zero losers from the 49ers double-digit win over the Seahawks

There are no losers after that victory

49ers-Seahawks by the numbers: This matchup has been one-sided recently

The 1-on-1 matchups have been lopsided, too

The 49ers are in rare air with how they’re blowing teams out this year

And can remain in that company if they keep winning big

49ers open up as 11.5-point favorites over the Seahawks for Week 14

Playing a team twice in three weeks could be tricky

5 Winners and 2 losers: Deebo Samuel deserves to talk all the trash he wants to

It was a Deebo day in Philadelphia indeed.

49ers-Eagles by the numbers: Philadelphia is 7-1 in one possession games

Plus, why both cornerbacks will see a healthy amount of A.J. Brown

5 winners and 1 loser from the 49ers’ dominant victory over the Seahawks on the road

Just one loser in a night full of winners

49ers vs. Seahawks staff predictions: We’re all drinking the Niners Kool-Aid

A double-digit victory feels like a lot to ask but that’s what we’re all predicting