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I wear your granddad's clothes, I look incredible

Some Meaningless NFC Championship Cliches

People like things to be simple. Here is the NFC Championship game boiled down to a few superfluous phrases

Jim Harbaugh's high school coach retires

Jim Harbaugh's high school football coach retires after 26 years at Palo Alto High School

The sky totally fell while you weren't looking

A side effect of passion is the unreasonable demand for perfection...

Absent Alex Smith slows down 49ers offense

The 49ers' offense has struggled this season at key moments. The troubles can be traced back to the departure of Alex Smith

Dear Seattle....

49ers vs Seahwaks: the newest and best rivalry in the NFL

Rice offers insight on 49ers receiving corps

Jerry Rice says that someone needs to step up

11 guys to fill the void of irrational rage

No AJ, no Alex; who do I get spittin' mad at now for now reason?

New Stadium is directly below SJC flight path

Jets, and not the ones of New York fame, could have an impact at 49er home games

My notes, observations from 49ers practice

The San Francsico 49ers allowed me to observe training camp on Sunday. It was hard not to be a giddy fan-boy, but I kept my cool. Here are some words on the day.

Quinton Patton "visualizes" catching passes

What do you do when your only job is to catch passes and you can't do that? Ask 49ers rookie Quinton Patton...He catches the ball, visually.